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WordPress Website Security Service


The service in a nutshell; we manage and maintain the security of your website, which includes manually updating and maintaining your WordPress plugins and WordPress ‘core’. We also perform regular automated backups which are stored both onsite and offsite. Should your site ever be ‘hacked’, we fix it for free, in the shortest possible time.

The Specifics:

  • The WordPress Website Security Service is a 12 Month full management service (you don’t need to do a thing). Service fees are payable annually or quarterly.

The Setup:

  • Paul Barrs Publishing will both install and configure appropriate security plugins to your site.
  • Where required, we also reconfigure certain WordPress installation ‘defaults’ (these are the ‘hacks’ waiting to happen. For example, the default login usernames “admin” or default login location /wp-admin, hiding of the default xmlrpc.php file and so on.
  • Installation of the Duplicator Pro plugin to manage the automated backups.
  • A full backup is run, both files, images and databases.


  • Depending on your update schedule database backups are usually run every week.
  • Depending on your updates schedule full site backups (files, images and databases) are usually done monthly. Backups are run late at night and stored securely in ‘the cloud’.
  • Once each month we manually log into the site and manually perform any / all necessary backups of the WordPress Core (such as the update to 4.8 which was released on the 8th of June, 2017), as well as updating necessary plugins. Please be aware that if your site is running licenced plugins, some updates may not be able to be performed unless such licences are up to date.

What this does NOT include:

  • This service is about maintaining the security of your website; it is not about doing content updates (text, images etc). These can be arranged for you separately, and we always recommend that you have a qualified professional doing such work for you.

SECURITY SERVICE GUARANTEE. If your WordPress website is hacked, we will restore and reinstall your site – free – no additional cost. Please note this does not apply to other areas of your site that are not managed by WordPress.

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