Website Security and Protection

Protect Your WordPress Website

Prevent hackers and online threats from destroying your website

Our website security service manages and maintains the security of your site to prevent online threats. In brief, this service includes manual updates and maintenance for your WordPress plugins and the core of your WordPress site. This prevents vulnerabilities and offers hacker protection. Regular automated backups further protect your site, and we also fix your site quickly and for free if it is ever hacked.

What You Get

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12 Months’ Full Management

Our full management service protects your website for a year. You don’t need to do anything – we do it all for you. You can choose to pay your service fees annually or quarterly.

Installation and Configuration

Start off by ensuring your site is secure, with the right plugins. Our team will install and configure the appropriate security plugins on your site to give it the protection that it needs.

Close Security Loopholes

We also reconfigure WordPress installation defaults where necessary, closing any security loopholes, which further prevents your site from being hacked.

Automated Full Backups

We use the Duplicator Pro plugin to manage your automated backups. Using this, we run full monthly backups to protect your entire site (database, all files, all images).

Automated Weekly Backups

We also run partial backups weekly (database and core files). All backups are stored safely off-site.

Manual Managed Updates (optional)

We manually log-in to the site every month to carry out any plugin updates that are due. Please be sure to keep licences for any licensed plugins up to date so that we can complete all updates.

Daily Server Backups (optional)

If your site is hosted on our managed VPS (giving you more peace of mind, we’re able to lock down your website security from top to bottom), it gives us access to daily server backups should you / we ever need them.

Fast Repair

If the unfortunate does happen and your website is hacked, we will repair it right away. Our services include fast fixes, and you won't have to pay anything extra to get your website healthy again.

How It Works

Prevent the theft of sensitive data

It’s essential to protect both your customers and your own data. Whenever someone submits a form or uses an input field to log in or make a purchase, it can leave your site vulnerable to hackers. Any sensitive data, such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers, could be stolen. This is a popular way for criminals to carry out identity theft, but it can be prevented with the right security. Keeping your website security up to date helps to ensure your customer information can’t be stolen.

Stay in Google’s good books

Google and other search engines take a look at your website’s security to check if they should include it in their search results. If your site is in any way suspicious, it could be blacklisted by search engines, and then won’t be found by your customers. Google needs to know that your site isn’t spreading malicious software. If anyone manages to hack your site, we take care of it right away, fixing it for free. Keeping plugins and your core site up to date will help to prevent vulnerabilities that could let hackers through.

Protect your customers’ devices

You have a responsibility to protect the people who visit and interact with your site. If your site isn’t secure, it could cause problems for your customers or anyone else who lands on your site. Their devices are at risk when your site has been hacked or infected. You can inadvertently infect their computers if you fail to maintain your website security.

Prevent website vandalism

Up to date website security is a must if you want to prevent this common hacking technique. It involves displaying vulgar or derogatory text and images when your website users submit forms or input fields. Good security on your site stops them from doing this.

Website Security and Protection

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Service setup

Security plugin installation

Weekly database backups

Monthly full-site backups

Manual managed updates (optional)

PLUS daily server backups if hosted on our managed VPS (optional)


Will you secure my existing website?

You don’t need to be setting up a new site to benefit from our WordPress security protection. Yes, we can identify vulnerabilities in existing sites and install and update the necessary security plugins. Please note; we are unable to provide this service to websites currently hosted with Hostgator, GoDaddy or Crazy Domains due to the nature of their shared hosting arrangements. We would need to transfer your site to our managed VPS.

Does this service include content updates?

This service is designed to keep your website security up to date. If you’re looking for updates to text, images, and other website content, we offer a range of packages to suit.

Can you fix my site if it is hacked?

We aim to keep your site secure and prevent hacking. However, if anything does happen, we will repair it as soon as possible at no extra cost.

SECURITY SERVICE GUARANTEE. If your WordPress website is hacked, we will restore or reinstall your site – free – no additional cost. Please note this does not apply to other areas of your site or hosting that are not managed by WordPress.