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“Need help getting your website fully functional? Not happy with its performance?
Is it just costing you money instead of giving it back? No problem – we can help. You’re in the right place!”
– Paul Barrs


  • STEP 1: Beef up the security *

    Have you ever been hacked? It's online vandalism that can shut your digital doors in an instant! Our security services lock down your website and bullet-proof your passwords.

  • STEP 2: set up your trust indicators

    It's simple... if they trust you, they'll buy from you. Yet most websites ‘out of the box' are not trustworthy. They're missing key trust-indicators. We fix that.

  • STEP 3: Prepare everything for social and search

    Successful marketing is taking your message where customers are looking for it. We upgrade your products and pages, so they look great when seen in social and search.

  • STEP 4: upgraded sales copy and CONVERSION points

    It's not enough to just get website traffic, you've also got to get visitors to take action (contact or sale). We look for lost opportunities and correct them, bringing you more business online.

We’re SUNSHINE COAST BASED but have helped businesses australia wide.

This is a complete “done for you” solution, scheduled over time so that it doesn’t break the bank. Our goal is simple; to hep you achieve yours! To help you get your website working the way it should be – and help you get more clicks, more conversions and more customers.


  • Security is key *

    • We understand that no matter how good your website is, if it ‘breaks’ it’s worthless!
    • – We Boost Your Security –
    • We Offer an incredible Guarantee
    • If you get hacked, we fix it for FREE.
    • Regular backups and checkpoints

  • Trust equals sales

    • Believe it or not, most new websites are NOT “trust ready”. And if customers don’t trust you, tough!
    • – We scan your website, and –
    • Apply all fixes as required
    • Look at everything from a customers’ POV
    • Remove buyer ‘stop points’

  • Search and social

    • Social Media can easily be one of the most lucrative traffic sources for your business.
    • – We set up –
    • Page and Post ‘share’ icons
    • Easy to access SM links
    • Social Meta on all primary pages

  • More sales and leads

    • Need help? Got a question? No problem. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help.
    • – We make is easy to –
    • Contact us by phone.
    • Send an email.
    • Go straight to our support desk.

The Website Optimiser Package – What We Do!


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This is the boring stuff that needs to be checked, but we need to be certain it’s all in place. The good news is, once done, it’s done!

We check and review -

  • Hosting, SSL and IP access
  • Analytics, Search Console and Google Integrations
  • Robot.txt file, XML sitemap, Search Engine access
  • Site Speed, Mobile Friendliness, and Site Monitoring

Security *

Here we lock-down your site with our ‘if it gets hacked, we fix-it-free Guarantee!’

  • Review and change WP Defaults
  • Enable brute force protection and firewalls
  • Scan for malware (ongoing)
  • Schedule regular off-site secure backups
  • Review your password policies for added security

Social Media

Now that the hard yards are done, it’s time for the fun stuff.

  • Set up Social Media Share opportunities
  • Check / Rewrite your Open Graph Tags
  • Create custom Social Share images as required
  • Review and ‘pimp your profile’ if necessary
  • Review content for ‘share-worthiness’
  • Set up reporting to monitor progress


It’s great that people are finding your in social. but let’s see what we can do to get them to find you in search -

  • Before anything, we do advanced keywords research
  • Set up reporting for your top keywords
  • Spy on your competition
  • Review and edit as required your OnPage SEO
  • Review your Backlink Profile
  • Set up Local Business Citations
  • (And more…)

Sales Copy

Now that you’re getting traffic, let’s focus on sales -

  • Review and edit ‘above the fold’ sales message
  • Review and edit your Call to Action
  • Review and edit as required your top landing pages.
  • Look at your offers; can we cross-sell?
  • Are you running paid ads? Review copy –


Do you run an online shop? Then this is for you –

  • We check the mobile layout / user experience
  • Simplify the checkout process
  • Review shipping and ‘add-on’ costs.
  • Can we start using video?
  • We also look at cart abandonment, and offer solutions

eMail Marketing

This is how you communicate with your customers. A solid email database is the lifeblood of your business!

  • Are your current databases segmented for marketing?
  • Set up eMail authentication for greater deliverability
  • Customise your eMail templates
  • Review your prospect lists / contact rates.
  • Set up content automation / integration

Content Marketing

Once everything is in place, now we can set up the systems for the future –

  • Let’s do a customer interests evaluation…
  • And create content topics for future direction
  • Then we set up a content schedule
  • With procedures for easy creation and duplication
  • Can we use video, audio, infographics?
  • How else can we amplify what we do?

Final Review

Now it's time to look at what's next. Marketing never stops. You need to...

  • Have an ongoing new content plan in place
  • Regularly schedule content to social media
  • Build links from external sources to your website
  • Set up regular eMail follow-ups for customers and prospects

This is where we look at everything done and see what's going to work best for your business. It's where we plan and build on future growth!

Our Fees for Service

Starting at just $297** / m (3 hrs) our Website Optimiser Service can be yours!

But is doesn't have to stop there; whether we do 3 hours a month or 10 hours each month to optimise your website, the choice is yours!

Payment terms are via reoccurring debit from your credit card with 30 days notice required for cancellations.

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg!

onversions and Website Design Specialist

Website Optimisation Service; Sunshine Coast Queensland

Most websites fail because they were built to a timeframe and to a budget. And yes, while those things are important, experience has shown that it means a lot of other important things get left out because of it. Your customers want simplicity. They want to be able to buy without fear, and they want to trust you through the entire process. The Website Optimiser Package is designed to get your website ready for the future, now. We’re going to go through and find al the gaps and fill them.

We’re going to get your website ready to take orders, process sales, or create contact conversions!

Contact Us Now for a free no-obligation consultation to see what your website’s potential is – Click Here.

* Website Security Services apply to WordPress based websites only
** Service Fees are plus-GST. A credit card processing fee may apply.