SEO For Small Business (Video)



ORDER NOW. This is an incredible SEO Training video session, recorded at one of Paul's 2-Day Mastermind Club coaching sessions.


Discover how to put all of the SEO “pieces of the puzzle” together. Available NOW in one easy to watch video (50 mins).

PART 1: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.
PART 2: Content Pages, Relevance and the UX
PART 3: Website Design, Feel, and Responsiveness.
PART 4: Blogging, Internal Linking and Site Structure.
PART 5: External Links; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

ORDER NOW. This is an incredible video session, recorded at one of Paul’s 2-Day Mastermind Club coaching sessions.

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Video Transcript:

Hi there. My name is Paul Barrs. Hello, and welcome. Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by.

Tell me something, if I were to ask you,

“What are the most important factors to get a website or webpage get ranked in Google?”

Would you know the answers to that? I bet if you asked 100 different people, you’d probably get nearly 100 different answers. At least 80 or so, would you agree?

Here’s the thing, because SEO has evolved, because it has changed so much over time, too many people are being left behind in the past, and are stuck with old, ancient ideas that no longer have relevance in today’s modern SEO world.

Well, with that in mind, that’s why I have recorded this special video. Just fifty minutes to show you the most important elements of SEO, and how you can apply them into your business. Not only what the elements are, but how they interact from one to the other, how they affect your customers, how they balance out the user experience because, these days it’s a lot more than just getting found under whatever your search term is in Google. Oh boy, that’s about 5% of the mix.

It’s no longer about long tail keywords. It’s no longer about keywords in the right place. It’s got nothing to do with how often you talk about these things on your page.

I want to show you exactly what it is about in this video-coaching programme.

Just fifty minutes. Five things explained in great detail so that you can take them, so that you can apply them, and so you can start getting results. Whether it’s you that’s doing it, or whether you’re paying someone else to do your SEO for you, this video is essential if you run a small business and you want to start getting results.

So, take a moment, purchase now, download, watch, grab your pen and paper, take some notes. I know you’ll be so happy that you did.

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