CBMultiPro (Server Script)


Introducing The EASIEST Clickbank Multi-Product Manager in the World!

Do you have a Clickbank Account? Do you have more than one product? Would you like to be able to refer people DIRECTLY to the sales pages instead of just the one ‘home’ page that Clickbank allows for? Now you can!


CB Multi Pro is the EASIEST Clickbank Multi Product Manager in the World. I developed this beautiful little script out of my own personal need to give my affiliates the best opportunity that I could to generate sales – and yes, put more money in MY pocket.

Now you can do the same! Combine the power of CB Multi Pro user and Clickbank, and you could increase your sales by as much as 800%!

“Got Multiple Products? Make Your Affiliates Love You By Allowing THEM To Manage ALL YOUR Products With Practically Zero Effort”

The easiest Clickbank Multi-Product Manager in the World!

This is a simple explanation of a simple script that (if you choose to use it) could help make you a bucket-load of money with your ClickBank products.

So Here’s the deal –

  • You get the CB Multi Pro Script, which allows you to create multiple “hoplinks” for up to 50 products for your one single Clickbank account.
  • You get a complete step-by-step training video showing you how the script works and how to make it work for you.
  • You get the back-end “customer bonus” of being able to promote the product as an affiliate for 70% commission share (which means with just 2 sales you’ve got your money back!).

So let’s be honest here… this is *not* the only script in the world that does this. if you take the time to look around you’ll find many others; heck you might even save yourself five or ten bucks if you’re a real tight-wad. But what you WON’T GET anywhere else is my training video. What you WON’T GET anywhere else is my customer service.

[quote]I’ve known Paul Barrs since he published his first audio eBook way back in 2002. Since that time his online audio training seminars have literally gone global helping countless thousands of people start their own website businesses.

If you’re serious about working online and building a long-term sustainable business then listen up, Paul Barrs is the man to get you there.

Willie Crawford[/quote]

And I’ve got tons more testimonials just like that one.

The thing is this… if you’re working to be successful Online then this little script is just one part of an overall BIG PICTURE. But grab it now and let me PROVE TO YOU just how damn good my service and my training is. Not only will you have access to the easiest Clickbank Multi Product Manager on the planet, but you’ll also set yourself up as a front runner to start earning a crap-load more money that you are right now.

Sound like a fair deal?

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