Product Creation Secrets (Digital)


Take the next step beyond affiliate marketing and start developing your very own products, the true key to online success.

It is not so difficult as you might think. Enjoy this special audio series to help you get started the right way.


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Want To Create Dynamic Digital Products that you can use to Engage Your Customers? Then this workshop is for you!


  • Introduction Audio: Creating Quality
  • Introduction Video: The Thinking Chair
  • Part One: How Not to Lose a Good Product Idea
  • Part Two: What to do with a Product Idea Once You Have It
  • Part Three: How to Test and Measure Your Product Ideas
  • Part Four: How to Find Ideas when You Don’t Have Any.
  • Part Five: How to Determine if Your Idea is a Good One.
  • Part Six: How to Determine Your Products Purpose.
  • Part Seven: How to Make Your Products Last Forever
  • Part Eight: Choosing Your Format.
  • Part Nine: Some Thoughts on Marketing.