Christmas 2019 | My Number One Marketing Tip for 2020

Christmas 2019 | My Number One Marketing Tip for 2020

Wishing all my customers and subscribers, along with their families and friends, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My gift to you is this… an absolute marketing gem; enjoy!

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Good morning, good afternoon. Perhaps I should even say good evening. Whatever time it is, wherever you are in the world, thank you so much for taking the time to come and listen to this message. My name is Paul Barrs from

It’s that time of year again, Christmas time. Yes, that wonderful, beautiful, magical time of year where we get to do things a little bit differently, perhaps enjoy more time with friends or family.

I hope that is the case for you. For me, it’s very much about the celebration of the foundations of my faith and taking just a little bit more time to remember those things which are the guiding and driving principles of running a solid, sound business. But whatever it is for you, I wish you a beautiful, wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

And I hope you do get to take some time off. One other thing about Christmas, of course, is the gifts and the giving. So I would like to give to you, right now, one little gift, one short, sharp idea that you can just think about during this holiday period, ready to implement then once we come into the new year.

It is simply this. I want to give you a second chance at acquiring customers for your business that you’ve missed out on during the past, say, 90 days. Hmm, how is that possible? Well, imagine this. You’ve had people, and I’m sure you have, come visit your website. For whatever reason, they haven’t yet contacted you.

They haven’t subscribed to anything. They’ve just looked across the content and thought I might come back and do that later or maybe even not. How do we get a chance to get a second crack at those types of customers? Simply this, we use remarketing. Could be Google, could be Facebook. Whatever it is, we get a chance to put our advertisement in front of them again, giving us the opportunity to invite them back and say, “Hey, come, come take a second look.”

So the gift that I want to give to you now is a very simple strategy of how we apply and use remarketing in our businesses in a very cost-effective and affordable way. I want you to write a blog post. Actually, no, not just 1 blog post, I want you to write 12 of them, 1 a month.

Not just an average post, but an epic post, something amazing, something incredibly informative, something that answers a whole bunch of questions that people might ask as they move through the buying cycle for your type of product. Do you understand what that is? That’s where someone says, “Mm, I think I need this.I think I need that.”

And if they haven’t purchased that type of thing before, they need to go and research. This is the buying cycle. They read. They research. They become informed. Then once they think they know what they’re talking about, they’ll come and talk to you or me about that product or that service, whatever it might be. That’s the buying cycle.

So I want you to create 12 epic blog posts over this coming year, each one answering a whole bunch of questions about whatever it might be, your product, your service, one aspect of it, and answer those questions clearly through a blog post. Now there are a whole bunch of different ways to do that.

I don’t want to go into it now. I’ve already got my January blog post scheduled. It’s a powerful marketing strategy for 2020. It’s all the different pieces of the puzzle. So if you’re not yet subscribed, please do subscribe to my posts or my newsletter or my YouTube updates or my Facebook feed, something so that you can get that when it comes out. I’ve already also got my preparations for February in mind as well, and that will be the content strategy.

One that you can use, one that you can apply to do what I’m talking about right now. But in a nutshell, very simply this, this video will become a blog post. I will get a transcript of this video as well. Now, for other cases where I have a list of a whole bunch of different things, I’ll get an infographic or a PDF download or something, or maybe some other graphical representations of what I’m talking about.

And they, together, will become a single blog post, not just an article, not just 700 or 800 words. No, everyone does that these days. I want you to write 12 epic blog posts and plan them in advance so that you have the time to actually do them.

And, of course, if you don’t have the time, my team and I, we can help and then help with the remarketing, because here’s how it works. You put together, in the first half of the month, your epic blog post, and then you publish it, say between the 15th and the 20th of the month. Then from there to the end of the month, you run some remarketing or retargeting campaigns through Facebook, through Google, and you target the people from the past 90 days who have already visited your website and you ask them to come back and take a look at your what?

New blog post. Why? Because it’s great content. It’s good information. It’s worthwhile reading. And if you’ve invested the time to create an epic post, what happens then? Well, people come and read it and then they share it.

And if you’re really fortunate, it gets to go a little viral, maybe crazy, crazy viral, and all of a sudden, you build up more momentum. Now, this may not happen the very first time you do this. But if you do it regularly, do it in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, all of a sudden, things are starting to happen in a way that you didn’t even think was possible.

All you did was write an epic blog post. Now, in one of my upcoming blog posts, we’ll talk about all the different ways of preparing and putting that content together. So stick around for that one. But in the meantime, this is my gift for you for Christmas and that New Year holiday season.

Just let the idea mull around. Just think about it a little bit. Because every now and then, when it just drops back and you’ve got that creative process going, you’ll get a new idea. So pull out your pen and paper and just jot the idea down and pop it away. Then when you get back to work, you’ll have a bunch of ideas ready to go and you can put them into action.

So quickly, again, simply create an epic blog post and then publish it between the 15th and the 20th of the month. And then from there to the remainder at the end of the month, use remarketing and retargeting through Google and Facebook ads to ask people who have already visited your website to come back and take another look.

You’ll build credibility. You’ll start to position yourself as the authority in your industry. And oh boy, as consumers, when we want knowledge before we make a buying decision, we love to deal with the authority in the industry. We want people to know that they know what they’re doing. And we want to have trust.

We want you to have credibility. And this will do that for you. So that’s my gift to you. I wish for you now, for Christmas and for the New Year, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you and your family and your friends are all safe and you get to celebrate and just have a beautiful time and enjoy some moments of magic with each other.

Thank you again to all of my customers for being a part of my year. This past year it has been wonderful, and I am so blessed and thankful and grateful for that. So thank you to you for listening, and I wish you all the best for the new year coming. My name is Paul Barrs from Merry Christmas.