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Content Summary: (for those with limited time)

This page covers all the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation); both those things that you can do for yourself, and others which you should engage a professional for. Most of our clients are small businesses who – like most – struggle with today’s marketing expectations for social media, SEO, content and brand loyalty. I mean, who has the time, right?!

There are 5 main areas of SEO –

1. Keyword research
2. Content strategy
3. Technical SEO
4. Internal linking
5. External linking

Each of them is equally important. You CANNOT succeed by doing one without the other.

Use the information on this page to help you decide ‘is thing something you can do by yourself?’, or “Is this something I should get help with?”

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From the desk of Paul Barrs. Thursday, 3:38 pm.

Here’s a couple of good questions –

  • How many new customers could you get if you had a top 3 ranking position?
  • What are each of those customers worth to you?
  • Do you know how many people are looking for what you offer in Google search?

One of the things that I love about Google is that they tell you!

Sometimes people ask me, “Should I do SEO Paul?” Honestly, until I’ve done some keyword research, I don’t know.

But by using the right tools, and then by analysing your competition, I will be able to tell you how many new visitors you should be able to get from Google search – as well as how difficult it will be and how long it may take.

But ONLY after we’ve done some research.

Do not believe anyone who says “Yes, yes, yes” when it comes to SEO. Google themselves says that NO ONE can ‘guarantee’ top search engine raking positions, and that you should “run” from anyone who says such.

I can show you what it takes to get a top 3 ranking in Google, but there’s a process to go through first –

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The SEO Process –

When we do SEO for a client, the following process guides us –

  1. First, we do advanced keyword research and competitor analysis to determine if SEO is a viable option for you.
  2. The, we review your primary content pages and either optimise them or create new pages targeted to search trends and opportunities identified in the keyword research (usually both).
  3. While doing the above, we are also working on fixing technical SEO errors at the same time.
  4. Once done, we use your pages and posts to develop a strong internal link system to support the primary content (authority) pages.
  5. In conjunction with the above (A thru D) we are also build your external link profile. This is vital to strong search engine rank positions.
  6. Finally, we rinse and repeat all the above targeting secondary (important but not ‘as’ important) keywords.

How long does this take to get results? Anywhere from six to twenty-four months, depending on the competitive nature of your industry, the quality of your content, the age of your website, your budget… and how much crap we must clean up from previous SEO companies!

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On-Page SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 1)

There are 5 major areas of SEO. If you focus on these before anything else, you can get solid fast results from your SEO efforts. The first is your OnPage SEO.


“On Page SEO” is the work that you do “ON” your pages. It’s the content, it’s the meta data, it’s the headings and the tags. The best thing about on-page SEO is that once done (no matter how long it takes), it’ done!

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Off Page SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 2)

Off-Page SEO, as it says, is the work that you “Off” your pages – often referred to as backlinking. This is areathat most ‘SEO companies’ focus on first (and often only).

While this will get your some resuults, it won’t get you all.

Good SEO work is balanced with both on and off page work. It’s both technical and creative.

We take a very strategic apprach to off-page / external link building.  It must be done carefully and correctly for best results.

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Technical SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 3)

Technical SEO is incredibly important – and more so today than it was even a year ago. Technical SEO refers to things like your page load speed, your SSL status, how javascript or CSS is used on your site, broken links, redirects, indexing and so on.

The list is sometimes endless!

But Google has made it clear as day that your site must be technically proficient and running well. We monitor such things on a weekly basis and fix errors as they occour.

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Local SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 4)

For businesses who serve primarily a ‘local’ region, incredible oppotunities can be found with Local SEO.

Local search these days is focused around mobile search; so first up, it’s essential that your site is mobile friendly. You should also set up a Google / Business profile and get yourself listed in Maps.

Then you work on creating citation links, and making sure your “NAP’s” are correct across the inter-webs. Not sure what these are?

These are the essential ingredients of getting found in Google’s Local Search!

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YouTube SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 5)

Lastly, in this section, is video marketing / YouTube SEO… after all, Google loves to feature YouTube videos in it’s search results!

The reason is simple – Google’s aim is to provide its users with the best / most relevant content that it can when a search query is entered.

If there are NO VIDEOS currently listed on page one for search queries that relate to *your* business, then you’ve got a golden opportunity to get found through a YouTube video – even if your site isn’t ranking yet!

We can help you find such opportunities, as well as make sure that your videos are optimised correctly for best possible results. It’s the one area of SEO that most agencies ignore.

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