The Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends

The Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing and Social Media: With the increase in the number of mobile users, it’s no wonder marketing strategies are more and more often geared towards the mobile world. Another great strategy is the blending of social media. For example, an iPhone user will use Facebook to look and sort through some stuff like news apps, games, etc.; whatever is mostly used by their friends, they would most likely use for themselves. Digital marketers can then pair up with Facebook to let them place in app ads that these consumers will most likely click and download for themselves.

Content Marketing and Author Rank

Content marketing utilises various forms of online literature such as eNewsletters, quality articles and info graphics to build awareness of a business throughout the online world. And also because of this, there are now many companies putting more resources towards this type of marketing. Other companies use credible authors to write articles with incredible content which then would be published and shared through various online mediums such as social networking sites and article sites.

The following info graphic outlines the top 4 digital marketing trends –



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