Security Notifications from iThemes Security (Support Video)


Security Notifications from iThemes Security (Support Video)

Client’s often ask me ‘why’ they’re getting these notifications after we upgrade their security… this video explains.

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One of the questions that we get asked quite frequently when we’ve done upgraded security on a client’s website is, “Why do I keep getting these messages?

Now, the messages can be things like a certain person, there’s the IP address has been locked out of the WordPress site, there’s the address for trying to access file that do not exist or trying to log in too many times or other things like that.

What happens is that person, that IP address has been blocked and then no longer been able to see or access the site. This is one of the main purposes of the security work that we do because there are always people out there who are looking for and scanning the net using their programs, their bots for WordPress-based websites that they can hack and this is what the security is for.

The more notifications you get, the more often people are trying to hack in there and that just happens it’s like online graffiti. The more popular your site gets and so on the more often it will happen. That’s the point of the security and our job to protect you from that.

These notifications say it’s working.

For example, here’s one that came in overnight and this is where it came from. If I go and have a look at this IP address it’s somewhere in the Ukraine. Now, I know for this local company where they are running things like upcoming Sunshine Coast marathon. Someone from the Ukraine isn’t likely to be attending and certainly not trying to access backend files on their site. So the security has done its work.

What do you do with these notifications? Not much. Just delete them. Okay? They are simply there to show you that the work we have done for you is working. If you get a notification that says they’ve got in and they’ve changed stuff well certainly let us know then. But very, very rare and of course that is our security guarantee.

If your site does get hacked after we’ve upgraded the security well then we fix it, we reinstall it, we do whatever and get you up and running for free – that’s part of our security guarantee.

Have a great day! Talk soon. Bye-bye.