This ONE THING Can Help You Convert More Customers

This ONE THING Can Help You Convert More Customers

The #1 problem that people talk to me about is that they are not getting “enough traffic”. The #2 problem is from those who are getting enough traffic but are not converting those website browsers into buyers.

Whilst there are MANY things that you can do, both to increase traffic as well as CONVERT that traffic, here’s my #1 Tip for conversions of qualified customers through your website.

>> Offer existing customer testimonials and Social Proof!


Simple isn’t it. In fact you’re probably doing it right now. The question is, are you doing it the right way?

Customer testimonials are a vital part of any online marketing strategy; we call it “social proof”.

There are many ways to use them –

  • On your Facebook page.
  • In your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Shout outs on Twitter.
  • Reviews on your Local Business Page (G+)
  • And of course, on your website… which is what I’m talking about today.

When people are ‘looking you up’ on Social Media they are looking to ‘see’ what others say, but when they are looking over your website they are usually more interested in product or service. However, because the first time ‘buyer experience’ often contains some element of ‘fear’ – even if you HAVE what they want, they are highly unlikely to buy it from you first time round, instead LEAVING your website to go ‘look around’.

It’s not because they don’t like what they see and it’s NOT because they are looking for a better price…it’s because they DON’T TRUST YOU ENOUGH to spend their money with you right there, right then.

But the last thing you want them to to do is go look elsewhere –

Which is why you need to add “social proof” to your website.

Here’s an example… one of the things that I do is help people develop their Digital Marketing Strategy… if YOU were looking for help to get your online properties ‘working for you’, do you think this testimonial would help…?

Paul Barrs’ business strategy helped get me onto Good Morning America program with an audience of over 40 million. He helped me package a marketing DVD program that became a book published in New York (The Power of Positive Profit- Wiley) which led to a career breakthrough for me. He can do it for you too.

Paul is a straight shooting guy who will do the job properly for you. He produces quality outputs and I can thoroughly recommend you give him a go.

– Graham Foster, Author, Business Consultant and Speaker.
Pacific Seminars, Nevada, USA.

Hell yeah!

However, most people make the horrible mistake of just putting all their testimonials on one page in one place. And while yes, you SHOULD have them there, you also need to scatter them around… especially on the pages that you have deemed as CONVERSION PAGES.

Use your BEST testimonials throughout your site in all those places where people are likely to be thinking… “Should I spend my money with these people”.

  • On your product pages
  • On your contact page
  • On your ‘sales / information’ pages
  • On your newsletter subscription pages.
  • Even in your newsletters.

And of course, your best 2 or 3 right up front on your HOME page.


Final question… Is it OK to use the same testimonial more than once on your website. Absolutely! Use them wherever people are likely to think… “Is this good for me? Can they deliver?”

You want them to answer, yes!

Have a great week.

Paul Barrs

PS. If you’re looking to ramp thing up to the next level with your online marketing and aren’t quite sure where to turn; CONTACT ME – as we come to the end of the calendar year I’ll have a few new openings for coaching and mentoring…. Contact me TODAY to find out more.