World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt8

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt8

World Internet Summit Transcripts (Final)

Get them to your website. Search engines, other links, joint ventures, e-zine promotions. Give them a reason to come back. Get them to come back. Newsletter auto responder. Give them a reason to refer their friends. Pay them for it, through an affiliate program.

I wrote a little book called The Ultimate Traffic Secret. It’s free if you go to I think it’s on The Ultimate Traffic Secret, a little book. The refer-a-friend forms, put your name and five friends, get a free gift. Don’t tell me they don’t work. I used it last Christmas, generated 302,000 visitors to a little Christmas e-card that I created just through a refer-a-friend form, in three weeks. That’s 100,000 brand new prospects in three weeks.

Get them in, get them to come back, get them to refer their friends. Do it in any business, you’ll have success.

Attendee: What was the name of that again?

Paul: The Ultimate Traffic Secret was the book. It will be at I think it’s also on I give people the book away for free, in exchange for referring their friends.

I’ve covered quite a few of these: how to get them there, search engines, referrals, joint ventures. I do these presentations because you’ve got to do the presentation. I want to come straight to this one here, because I’ve only got a couple of moments left.
Search engine success chart. You cannot see it properly here.  It is a search engine success chart. It simply shows you how to link all of your websites together, all of your pages together.

Because we were running behind time before I even got to start, I don’t have the time to go through it at the moment.

This is what my site eventually looked at. Looked like, I should say. Very, very simple. The sales copy there, that was my guestimation, it’s close to accurate. Brett, you can tell me about it later. I’ve only had this for a couple of days….

“Three years ago, my finances were on the brink of disaster. My first website took six months to get online and didn’t make a cent. Last month, I created a brand new website in just five days, generated $11,357 in less than a week.” Wouldn’t you like your new websites to do that?

See, there’s one thing that’s missing. The thing that was missing was the product. It comes down to product. Product has something to do with it. The product that I created was – here it is here – concept, creation and copy. The concept was people want to know how to build a website. Well, record the entire process on video and audio, so they can sit back just like I did a couple years ago, and actually watch me do it. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to sit and look over my shoulder, and have me explain to you why I’m doing things? It takes a little longer than 40 minutes. An hour or so. So the product was, very simply, the opportunity to record the entire website. This was the marketing plan. Guess what I did while I built the website? I recorded the entire thing on screencam video. And I popped it onto some CD’s, so you can pop them in your computer, press play, and sit back and watch it.
Video and audio. I have additional voice seminars, because video files are so big you just don’t have time to give everything in a video. It would be 20 CD’s, which isn’t financially feasible.

What about the tools and resources? I thought to myself, “Great! They can watch me do it, but how do they do it?” They’ll learn how from watching the videos. But what tools do you use? What programs do I use? How do they work? Where do you get them from? That was part of the product. And that’s all part of the creation of the e-business mastery system.

We had a question about the autoresponder? The main page sales copy, the process was very simple. Lead capture autoresponder. I’ll come back to this page later, and you can jot down the notes.

Weekly audio newsletter. I offer not a seven-part autoresponder, but a free 12-month website marketing plan. If you want it, you must subscribe online, only through a form. Not available any other way, and the tools to actually then do it yourself.

Keeping all of that in mind, I want to rephrase what I said at the very beginning, as we now close up.

A profitable website is a website that generates more income through online-based inquiries than it costs to run. And sends you on a fantastic holiday each three months with your family and your friends. That’s a profitable website. Yeah!

Concept, design, marketing, design, automation, profit, it’s all part of it. It’s a piece-by-piece plan.

Now, what I actually did, because I knew that time wouldn’t be limited and I knew that all these
pieces of the puzzle had to come together, did you get something like this popped on their seat when they were sitting down? I need to close up, because we’ve got to move. We’ve got the conference coming up.

Very simply, I recorded the entire lot. Four CD’s. There’s a bonus fifth CD. Quickly jot this down, what’s in the bonus? A number of other seminars of mine. Goal-Setting Mastery: How To Achieve Your Life Goals, The Internet Marketing Masters Seminar, The World Internet Summit Audio Notes. I’m up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning recording my notes that I’ve taken while I’m down here. They’re on there, as well. I’ve got permission to do that, so don’t look at me like that. You’re not going to remember everything. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Seminar Series. These are complete seminars, five hours plus, that I’ve recorded in the past. And the E-zine Publishing Mastery Seminar Series. They’re all part of the bonus.

You have to write them down. I didn’t know what they were going to be. Come and see me out the back. But very simply, I have to close and we have to make an offer on these things. I feel strange and uncomfortable not doing it online. I’ll tell you that much. Online, I sell this for $447 US. Reprint rights are available. You can see the information there. Very simply, I have a limited number of them here today. It will take you through step-by-step, on the screen-capture video. Price for today, tomorrow, the seminar, $427 Australian for the whole lot, including the bonuses. And because I don’t know where you are the moment, I was asked earlier my membership site, The Complete Guide To Home Business Success 12-month membership, another couple of hundred dollars thrown in as well.

We do need to wrap it up. Any questions? We have time for three questions. Have we got time for three questions?

Reprint rights are available. It’s a limited license only, meaning you’ll have reprint rights to sell 250. You’ll make $100,000 net profit out of that. Look at the math that’s on there. Two more questions. We’ve got the conference coming up, so we can’t miss that one.

Attendee: Ever made any other off other sites, affiliate sites, apart from what you’ve got there, after you ___ websites?

Paul: Oh, absolutely. I get affiliate checks every week. Not as much, because I’m only getting 40%. Better to get 100% yourself, yeah.

Bonus items? Okay, Goal-Setting Mastery: How To Achieve Your Life Goals. Alright, I’ve got to go.

Internet Marketing Mastery, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, it’s five more seminars on audio. Okay? I have to wrap up, but come and see me afterwards. They’re lining up. I can see the trap door is about to go. Thank you very much for your time and listening. It’s a pleasure to be here. If you’ve got questions, come and see me. Thank you.

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