World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt7

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt7

World Internet Summit Featured Speaker Paul Barrs – Transcript.

We sell to people. We buy for one of two reasons. One is to acquire pleasure. Two is to avoid pain. Unfortunately, sadly so, most of us are motivated – not in this room, out there – to avoid pain. Remember that with your sales copy and everything else that you do. Let’s finalize these last points. This is easy stuff. It doesn’t take me long to do this. The sales process is just as in the offline. That’s why I did the exercise before I came to this section.

Prospective client contact. Your new website must be designed to walk them through the sale. Hit them with a headline. I’m not going to go through the sales copy process. We’ve done it already today once. Hit them with the headline. Qualify them. If they get there and the headline doesn’t grab them, chances are they’re not your prospective customer. That’s fine, let them go. But if they are your prospective customer, they need what you have, you should walk them through.

The main page must be used to quickly qualify and assess their needs. Don’t try and sell ice to an Eskimo, folks. There’s no point. Maybe today, it could come in handy. It’s pretty hot out there. Pretty warm in here, too, I believe.

Get the sale or get the lead. Sales process, walk through the steps of the sale. The sales copy thing, we did it today. So I’m not going to recover that for you. I’ll be telling you exactly the same thing.

Just quickly, someone said to me, “What are you hoping to get out of coming here, Paul?” I said, “I want to make sure that what I tell people is correct.” Wonderful range of speakers. I’m so pleased to be here. And we’re all confirming. You notice we all say the same things? Just maybe slightly differently, but it’s all the same thing. You know why? We know how people think. Okay?

Number seven: the main page must be used to qualify them. That first section that opens up, it will qualify them. Go and move on to the next one. These are just quick points. Get the sale or get the lead. Now, I’ve made a mini site, a couple of pages only. This eBusinessMastery website. The close? It will be direct. It’s a buy or die. That’s the phrase that I used to work when I worked in professional selling.

Number one: they will order the product or, if they don’t, I’ll kill them. That’s right. We know where you live. I have a shotgun and a shovel. That’s right, you won’t be missed….:)

Number one: they will order the product or they will subscribe to the autoresponder, or they will subscribe to the newsletter. One, two, three strikes and you’re out. Order the product, subscribe to the autoresponder or the newsletter for future follow-up. The order page will capture their details. You have a question?

Attendee: Yes. What are they getting if they subscribe to the ___?

Paul: I’ll cover that in just a moment. The order page will capture their details before they place the order. Why? To build a database, and because only one out of three will complete the order.

You’d be amazed. I installed this little tactic into my website and found, all of a sudden, that only one out of three people who clicked the order button actually completed the order. What happened to the rest?

Well, now I add them into a database and I follow them up. They get an immediate autoresponder e-mail. “Hi, thanks very much for your order. I’m really pleased. Once your order is confirmed, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Three days later, “Something must have happened. Your order wasn’t processed correctly. My apologized. Please go back here to do it again.” Gentle, subtle follow-up. A week later, “John, I’m confused. I have this order, I’m waiting to ship it out to you. But I don’t quite see what happened.” And then I address the frequently-asked-questions area of concerns.

I have picked up 83% of those two-thirds that were not ordering by doing that. Okay? Occasionally, Elvis Presley puts an order in. I even had Bill Gates do one once, as well. He didn’t respond to my e-mails.

Three-step bulletproof plan to website success. This will crack you up. This is the $1,000 minute. Don’t laugh, that’s what I’ve been paid to teach these three things to other people before.

Number one: get people to your website. Duh! We all know that. How many people fail at it, though? Number one: get people to your website.

Number two: give them a reason to come back. Get them to come back again. Some people actually don’t purchase the first time they come across your material. As a matter of fact, most of them don’t.

And three: give them a reason to refer their friends.

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