World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt6

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt6

World Internet Summit Featured Speaker Paul Barrs – Transcript.

Alright, number three: the order and contact page. I love this. You ever tried to contact someone, couldn’t find their contact links on their website?

The order and contact page link must be prominent throughout the site, making it as simple as possible for them to order or contact you. Wouldn’t you say that’s good advice? Yeah. How many websites don’t do it? Unbelievable amount. I have reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of websites that people have paid tens of thousands of dollars for. How do I order the product? “I think it looks good, but I have a quick question for you. If I want to actually order one of these things, how do I do it?” These are real examples.

Number four: all page template graphics will be loaded from the same files throughout the site, so as to speed the page loading. Now, what I mean by that is this. If you use a plug-and-play program, it will often. If you have the subdirectory I gave you before,, it could be. In this case, eBusinessMastery-Links. I want the actual images/links indexed on html that come out of the same place on my web server, where all the other pages come from. Because then the only load time you have is that front page. Everything else after that is stored in your cache; unless, of course, you have that switched off. Can’t help you.

Do you understand? Does anyone not understand what I mean by that? Okay.

If you use many of the quick, instant, create-your-graphics programs that are out there, if you have what’s called a sub-directory, which would be your domain/links/cats, cows, whatever, it will create a new image file for every single subdirectory, which means they’ve got to load again and again and again.

But if they all come from the same place, it’s just a little thing, it’s a tiny, little thing, but it will speed up the process and the usability for the client.

And the reason for that is so the customer is drawn to content-based pages. They want to read the stuff that’s on them. You don’t want to distract them.

And number five, of course, is the content-based pages will always lead to every page. Yellow brick road leads to where? The sales, the order, the contact page. So the order or contact page. What is the goal of getting someone to an ecommerce-enabled website? To get them to… buy. Many web designers who have come out of a university are almost standing there at the gates, with a shotgun saying, “If you dare buy through this website, I’m going to shoot you in the foot.” But they’ve done it already, and they don’t even know it.

Attendee: Can you scroll it up, Paul?

Paul: Unfortunately, I can’t. Number five, content-based pages, is basically this: every page will always lead to the sales information page, sales copy, the order page, and your contact. Because if they don’t order, you want them to contact you. So using a PowerPoint presentation, so she doesn’t go up and down. At least if it does, I’ve got no idea how. And I don’t want to try, because it’s going to disappear on me and then we’re in trouble.

Let’s just take a quick break.

Why do I say these types of things?

It is my belief that all people think in one of two different ways. As a matter of fact, I believe also that our brains are programmed the same way. It makes it really easy when you know this about something.

If you have your legs crossed at the moment, just put both your feet flat on the floor for me. We’re going to do something a little bit silly to illustrate this point. My 12-year-old got me with this. I’ve got to tell you guys.

I’m going to stand over on this side, otherwise I’m going to hurt myself. Headline: Speaker dies at World Internet Summit.” That’s a great headline. That will get their attention.

With your right foot, just lift your knee up a little bit. Lift your right knee up a little bit and rotate your foot from the knee in a clockwise direction. Okay. If you’ve got a knee injury, don’t do it. Clockwise direction, using the whole lower part of the leg.
Now, with your right hand, draw a number six. Which way is your foot going. What are you laughing for? Try it again. Now you know what happens. Right foot, in the air, clockwise direction. Now, with your right hand, draw a number six. What’s the deal with that? Clockwise, people. Here’s the truth. I don’t want to ask for a show of hands, because the odd freak won’t get it right. I’m not going to ask for a show of hands.

The truth is this. We all sell to people. Computers don’t make decisions on buying products just yet. They may process the order at the end. We may use them to help make our web pages be automated. But they don’t take the order just yet.

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