World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt5

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt5

World Internet Summit Featured Speaker Paul Barrs – Transcript.

Alexa will give you information like their traffic ranking, according to Alexa. It’s only based upon the hundreds upon hundreds or there may be millions of users who have the Alexa toolbar.

What is their traffic ranking. If someone says to you, “Got a great product for you, joint venture,” and you can see that they ranked one-million plus, to say, “Don’t waste your time” is not correct. But to say, “Find a better opportunity,” would be correct. Be kind and courteous at all times.

But if you find that theirs is ranked 20,000 or 10,000, you do it, no matter how bad the product. Just do it. They’re a party you want to team up with. Alexa will give you information like that. Or, if you want to find someone to target for your product, look at their website, go to Alexa, type it in. It will give you their ranking details. If it’s made public, all of their WhoIs information, all the information of who they are, phone number, address, the whole works, if they make that public. Some can hide it. You’ve got to find another way. But it’s a perfect way to do it. And then you can contact them. It’s a brilliant, brilliant little tool.

How do you find the people, though? See, this is what I’ve got to think of. I’ve been designing a website that I have to effectively market and sell via the website and affiliates. Now, I have a network of hundreds of affiliates who are already generating commissions already. They’ll do it for me straightaway, but I’d like to pull in a few more people. So this is how I would go about finding their information. Go to their website. The Alexa toolbar is installed. You look at their information, you contact

If you have a hard-copy product or an electronic one, give them access to it. Mal made it very clear, give away a part of your profit that you don’t have to get the profits that you never had. Something like that. Mal, I apologize. It’s a paraphrase, but principles. So let’s say this person refers their customers and they sell 100 units, and you’re going to give them 40%. I don’t believe in giving away more than 45%. Sorry, no joint venture party gets more money out of my product than I do. Don’t be foolish. It is your business. Okay?

But they refer 100 and you give them 45%. Now, if they didn’t refer it, you wouldn’t have had it in the first place. Now they are referring them. But you still don’t have it. What do you have? The other 55%. So it’s a $100 product, what does that work out at, 55 by 100. $5,500. For what? I’m happy to pay someone $4,500 if they’re going to give me $5,500. Wouldn’t you say that’s a good deal, considering that your $4,500 doesn’t come out of what you’ve got anyway. Yeah. It wouldn’t be a good deal. It wouldn’t work like that.

But the joint venture strategies that I’ve built into this website is crucially important. How you do it? You do it through an affiliate program. Autopilot Riches, I know, is a good system. If you don’t have a system, look at it, investigate it. It will do the work for you. Make notes of these points.

This is basic points, but these are mistakes that people make, and I see them make every day online.

Success comes through simple steps. The sale is made or broken in the first 10 seconds. I had a 33K dial-up connection. Yeehaw. Believe me, a lot of websites with these big flash animations lose me. I want a headline and what’s in it for me. What radio station do we listen to? The WIIFM, what’s in it for me. Your new website must meet the customers needs promptly and professionally, in the following ways.
Number one: my main page and your new main page must be fast loading, with only necessary graphics. This is summarizing what I just covered in finite detail form. Must be fast-loading with only necessary graphics.

I’m glad that we heard the other comments earlier. Brett with the logo. I do a lot of work with resorts. Come to their website, “Oh, it’s a logo.” And it takes 35 seconds to download. So? Who cares? I don’t. They love it, the owner of the place. Feel good, they designed it. But we don’t care. So fast-loading, necessary graphics.

Number two: the navigation links must be easily accessible. And this is important, maintained as a constant throughout the site; which means if they’re on that left-hand side column on the front page, guess where they’ll be on every other page throughout your website? Left-hand side column.

I recommend that you do put them left, because we read from left to right. Yes, we click the mouse on the right-hand side – and Armand’s comments with the Google Ad Words was very, very good, putting them on the right side. But for navigation purposes, we read – in this community – from left to right, primarily. So put your information on the left.

Also, what screen size resolution do you build a website to? I’ll tell you what you build it to, and I’ll tell you why: 800 by 600. Make it the smaller size. Why? Because at this point in time, my stats are still showing across tens of thousands of web page viewers every month, over 80% are using 800 by 600 screen size resolution.

So if it’s going to be bigger, they’re going to have to scroll back, scroll back, scroll back. Typewriters went out of business a long time ago. Don’t make them use it on your computer. Okay? I’ll read the first one, the navigation links. Accessible and maintained as a constant. Now, let me just ask this quick question. You’ll find that my teaching style is very abrupt. Like Bart, before, I tell it as it is. Why didn’t I give you notes? Why didn’t I give you the notes for this stuff written down? Two reasons. One, you’ll hate my guts. No, no, no. What will happen is when you write them down, you’ve got physical movement, more visual contact and, of course, the audio is going in. I’m using three senses there: audio, visual and the kinetic, the movement. There’s a greater chance you’re going to remember this. I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to come here, take these things home with everybody else’s notes, and not remember it. This is important. If you don’t do it, you might as well not have come.