World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt4

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt4

World Internet Summit Featured Speaker Paul Barrs – Transcript.

Step six was to set up and create joint ventures with other websites. This here is what I would like to call “joint venture heaven.” Would you agree with me on that? Has someone not yet had the opportunity to say, “Hey, I’m talking to you and what you’ve got to offer. Gee, wouldn’t your customers love what I offer? My customers would love what you’ve got to offer.”

How’s the easiest way to do it? Through an affiliate program.

How do you go about getting joint venture prospects if – and please accept this the right way – you don’t have a name like I do. To those folks in my Internet community, who know already about what I do, I send an e-mail, I get a reply.

Who do you do it, though? How did I do it three years ago? “There’s this moron from Australia contacting me. Delete, delete.”

How do you get a good-quality contact with a joint venture partner if you don’t know who they are or they don’t know who you are? How do you get them to read your e-mail? Suggestions?

Attendee: Buy their product.

Paul: Buy their product? Yep. If they’re good, they’ll know that you’ve bought it.

Attendee: Send them a hard copy of your product.

Paul: Send them a hard copy of your product? Yep.

Attendee: Persistence.

Paul: Persistence? Yep. Delete button will work, though, through persistence. But you’re right.

Attendee: Put in the subject header, “Warning: Do not ___.”

Paul: Yep. If I got one of those, I would delete it without even giving it a second thought. So my computer explodes the moment after I delete it, but hey. Yes?

Attendee: ___ the telephone.

Paul: The telephone, bingo. All of those do work. I use the phone. Here’s what I do. Send them an e-mail first. Just try the easiest one first, what the heck. But what does the e-mail say? “By the way, I’m going to give you a call.” At that time, I wasn’t able to send them a physical product. But, “I’m going to give you a call.” That doesn’t work, fax it to them, mail it to them, just call them up. How do you do it? “Great! Have I got a deal for you! Now, if you don’t listen to this phone call…”

Get them on the phone. And give them a copy. I had something, the other day, send me a joint venture request. I get dozens and dozens of them every week. I have two auto replies. I use Outlook Express. Just insert signatures and auto reply. One of them recently says, “Thanks for your inquiry. We’re not taking any joint ventures, at the moment.” Send. I would be at least polite enough to send something back and say, “I got it, but we’re not doing anything.”

Next, for the one that comes to me with, “Dear first name, have I got a deal for you.” Learn from the mistakes of others.

I even had a very well-known marketing guru – I hate that term, but a really well-known name – “Dear Paul Barrs, I’d like your address so I can mail something to you.” “Dear Sir, it’s on my website.”

There was a form letter. They didn’t do their homework. You must do your homework. Has anyone ever heard of that one? Alexa. Great tool. We saw the Google toolbar. Armand was showing the Google toolbar. This is another toolbar from Alexa. It’ll give you some capital information on who owns a website, how much traffic they get to it, and I’ll spend a few moments talking more on joint ventures because that’s how this website will work – has already started, actually. I only made it last week.

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