World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt2

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt2

World Internet Summit Australia with Paul Barrs Pt3

Step three, what do you do next? Well, I need to do the search engine work. I’ve heard a lot about it this weekend. I believe search engines are vitally important, but they are only one part of the puzzle. It all comes together. Piece by piece, we need to bring it together.

So optimize all the pages of the actual website itself. This is what I do before I begin a website. And I’ll show you how it comes to pass shortly. Plus, follow-up submission for at least – what have I got here – three months. At least three months.

Sometimes, not every page that you create, even if you’re using the tools that we’ve had a look at already this weekend, not every page will be accepted and into those first page positions in the first month. Follow up. Use good reporting tools. I use Web Position Goals Reporter for that information. It’s the only thing that I use it for. It’s a great tool. I can put in my pages, put in my keywords, it will search them, and it will give me a result. “Here’s what page these things appeared on in the search engine.”

It’s a reporting tool. Statistics, good information.

At this point of time, on some of my websites, I have over 1,000 different keyword phrases arriving in front page positions and bringing traffic to any one given website. That’s not too bad.

Not quite as good as Armand, but it’s not too bad. But you can do the same. You have to write it down and say, “I’m going to do that as part of the process.”

What’s the next thing I need to do? Well, this is a second objective.

To effectively market and sell, via main website and affiliates, directly via the Internet. I told you this was basic stuff. But I believe if you don’t write it down, chances are you won’t do it. If it’s up here, you’re going to miss something.

I don’t need to do these things anymore, but I still do them because I know it’s going to work.  To effectively market and sell via the main website and affiliates.

So step four, create design and write captivating sales copy, a good headline.

Now, the way that I do each of these things – I’ll just pause there for a moment – the way that I do each of these things, I’m not a website designer. I’m not a graphics artist. I’m not a sales copy writer. What I do is much the same as I did on Friday night. Going back a couple of steps, design the template so it’s easy to use. Now, I could spend five hours trying to do that, and I’m sure I would get it right and I’ve got enough experience. But it’s a hell of a lot quicker to find an existing template that looks great, that is simple and streamlined and easy to use. So I just grab that template and plug it in.

Here’s a URL for you to write down: It’s one of a multitude of websites, where you can get license right to use the templates. And there’s some particularly good ones in there. I think membership’s $39 for a year. I’ve been using that for three years; only once have I ever come across another website using one of the templates I had chosen. Can I just get a quick show of hands, how many folks here are, before the Internet Summit was announced or after you saw it on the web page, have seen my, the home business mastery website? That’s the purplish one.

It’s a template page. All I did was grab a template that I liked, threw my mug on it, changed some of the images to my graphical links, duplicated the pages so it was the same every step of the way, which took all of an hour or two.

Once I’d created that page, I said, “There it is. That’s the way I want it to stay.”

So what do I do next? Well, I made called the index page, the contact page. In this particular case, there was one for affiliates, one for reciprocal links, one for the newsletter. Five pages. It took three minutes. Save as contact.html. Save as affiliates.html. No plug-and-play programs, no difficult stuff to work with.

How do you create a contact page? You’ve got your template. Save as contact.html, and just add your content into it.

Can you see what I mean by how easy that is? I guarantee you can learn to do it. It is so simple.

You do not have to be. I’m sure there are, here, some brilliant website designers. I’ve had university graduates come to some talks which I’ve given up in my land and just go, “Wow! Paul, I have never heard stuff like that before. They don’t teach it.”

They want you to use a program like this, which you learn to use the program and then they release a new version and you’ve got to learn to use that program. And then when you finally click “generate pages,” it spits out these pages that have just got garbage code in them. I upgraded a page. I won’t tell you what the program was. I don’t want to upset you too much.

But I upgraded a website recently that was a 45-page website, and I had to start from scratch. I removed 1,780-something lines of code, HTML code out of this thing, and it didn’t even change the look of it. It was generated by one of the most popular $400 or $500 programs out there. I come to a client with my own and I say, “Look, here’s a choice, a couple of templates. Which one do you like? Pick one. I’ll save you $1,000. Don’t like it, we’ll get a designer to design one for you,” so you’ll charge $1,000 for it. “I’ll take that one.” Okay?

But for yourselves, to learn how to do it yourself is incredibly easy.

(More to come … )