How to Write a Video Sales Letter 03

How to Write a Video Sales Letter 03

By now, if you had read the previous two articles on How to Write a Video Sales Letter Pt one and Pt two, you would have begun to see that the principles for writing a good video sales letter are much the same as any normal sales letter, but with one crucial difference – it must be shorter, neater and more directly to the point.

However, you have both text and voice at your disposal and using these two combined you can start putting things together by outlining your format.

Start with your headline…

Perhaps a question which demonstrates the dream…. following that write a one paragraph story to illustrate your point. Then write a single sentence that explains the essence of your paragraph.

At all times remember to keep your thoughts short. The paragraph is what you would say; the sentence is what will appear on the screen.

Then come up with a smaller question, a sub-heading, which demonstrates the problem.

Can you think of half a dozen hard hitting bullet points that illustrate the difficulties? These would become two ‘pages’ of your video presentation (two frames) with your voice reiterating them; expanding on them.

These would be followed by another sub-heading – introducing the solution.

You can also use the occasional image to enhance your text (black text on white background), but don’t let the images rule the landscape, keep everything in balance.

Repeat the above until you have fully explained the benefits of your solution to the viewer… just as if you were talking to two people sitting across from you at a coffee shop. You’re not trying to “sell” everyone; you’re just talking to them.

Then you ask them to buy.

Start with what it might be worth to them. You want them to imagine a much higher price than you’ve got in mind; how much time will it save them? How much money will they make or save? How GOOD will it *be* for them? Use simple numbers because numbers are good.

Then show them a few choices of numbers. Explain why the top price is too much (but you could charge that if you wanted to). Explain why the cheap price doesn’t cover all that they need… and lead them to the mid price which is easily affordable… and exactly what you want.

Ask them to “order now” and show them a picture of your “order now” button which you use on your website. Tell them where it is. Tell them that once they own your product, they’ll be so happy that they do.

Then show them your guarantee. Read it to them or tell them just how damn good it is and how well they are protected. People want to feel secure.

Then show them your order button again. Tell them that the time to order is… “now”, because they may never see this again.

Be gentle, be soft in your voice, and be caring. Remember, you’re only talking to two people across from the table.

Then let the video play another 15 seconds with your order button on it. No sound, no voice, just the order button.