How to Write a Video Sales Letter 02

How to Write a Video Sales Letter 02

(Part one can be found here)

Whether we’re talking about a normal sales letter or a video sales letter, people don’t like to be “sold”, they like to buy. It’s a subtle difference; but feelings of being “sold” create negative connotations of being ‘forced into something’, whereas the feeling of ‘deciding to buy’ are surrounded with joy, happiness and expectations. These are the kinds of positive feelings that we should aim to arouse within our readers.

The easiest way to do this is each time you find something online that stirs either directly positive or negative emotions within you; you should save a copy of it. In the world of copywriting this is called your ‘swipe-file’.

You need to start doing this from today.

Then, when the time comes for you write your next video sales letter you can go to your swipe file and start taking notes… did a certain phrase from a particular letter really grab your attention? Did the way a question was asked bring back memories of ‘better times’ … or worse times? Did you find that the bullet points made you ‘see’ a way out of whatever problem you were having?

We use these techniques in standard sales letters; we should also use them when writing video sales letters….

… but make them ¼ the distance!

It’s essential that your video sales letter be shorter than it’s paperback cousins!

Don’t have 36 bullet points scattered across your page, have 8 across two frames only. Don’t have 12 sub-headings in bold type, have 3 – and make them say the same thing.

Your videos sales letter has to be short, attention grabbing, and straight to the point.

It should take the viewer through an emotional roller-coaster. Start with questions and scenarios that will help the viewer identify. Remember though, you’re talking to a couple of people sitting across from a coffee table from you, not a whole crowd. Your goal here is not to have *everyone* identify with you, but to find those who do and help them realise it in the first 30 seconds.

The easiest way to do this is with a couple of questions which, if answered in the positive (yes I know, yes I understand, yes I remember etc) – will bring up feelings of pain or loss or heartbreak.

As an example, let me ask you this… “How many times have you tried something in your business that didn’t work… that didn’t “pay off”? Did it cost you either time or money?”

When I answer that I answer with a long… a breath in… “Yeah. So many times I can’t count’.

I wonder, can you relate to that?

If you can, then you’ve just identified as the perfect customer for –

“What if I there was a way to remove those failures even before they got started? Do you think something like that could save you some time?”

Right now I’m thinking… “Oh, I wish.” And the journey begins.

And when it comes to writing (and recording) video sales letters we can use both the words AND our voice. If we need to pause with an audible breath in… we can. And the viewer will hear it.

*This* is how we get them to identify with us; by allowing the truth of our own emotions to be both seen and heard. Once they identify with our pain, we can ask them to identify with out solution.

Part three of how to write a video sales letter… soon.