The Home Business Guru Question (Part 1)

The Home Business Guru Question (Part 1)

Note: I came across this in an online archive recently. I’d forgotten I’d even written it! Basically, I was asked a question and then had to provide the response. The question is below in italic and my response follows in two parts. Enjoy 🙂

The Question:

You suddenly lose all your money, along with your name and reputation, and only have your marketing know-how left. You have bills piled high and people harassing you for money over the phone. Plus, you have a guaranteed roof over your head, a phone line, and an internet connection for only one month. You no longer have your big guru name or JV partners. Other than your vast marketing experience, you’re an unknown newbie. What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to save yourself?

The Answer: By Paul Barrs

My first comment – been there, done that.

One of the greatest marketing myths that people fall into is that eBusiness success stories “happen overnight”.

While this may be true for a very rare few, it is certainly not the norm.

It sure as heck wasn’t for me!

I’ve been in this situation before. I am a single father with three young children. Now we can enjoy a good life, but for some time we sat on the brink of bankruptcy.

The only difference between then and now is this – now I know what to do – back then I was still figuring it out.

Day One:

I love working in my local market just as much as I do in the global eMarket.

I have come to understand that there is just as much cash (if not more) for quick consumption by providing valuable service and information to local business as can be found Online.

Keeping in mind however, that long-term ‘time efficient’ success comes through the Internet – but for now I’m dead broke – the bills and stacked – food is scarce – what the hell do I do?

Create my idea.

Here’s what I’ve got planned (and I write this out on a piece of paper rather than just keep it in my head).

The first thing I need to do is come up with a product that will be able to generate cash both Online and Off-line. (Meaning, people from my local business community will buy it through ‘conventional’ off-line sales methods – phone and in person.

Simple solution – make it an eProduct.

I’ll still deliver it via Internet Download, but I can sell it via Online sales letter, as well as talk about it to people that I meet and visit.

What’s it going to be about –

I already know that a successful business needs a professional Website. I also know that many businesses out there have great looking web sites but not profit producing web sitess.

Here’s the product –

“How to Create Your Own Killer Website that Generates Cash, Leads and Traffic!”

Sub-Title: Or at least make sure your Webmaster can do it for you.

This covers both ‘do it yourself’ people and medium enterprises who out source the web design work.

The next step (and yes on day one all the planning needs to be done), I make the decision to write the book with my voice.

Why? Because that’s what I’m good at. I’ve been involved with professional speaking now for over 15 years – my voice is my greatest asset.

The rest of the day I set out a map of what the product content will entail. It turns out that it’s going to be a 20-part audio seminar
running about 4 hours in total.

Cool – I’m excited! Go to bed.

Day Two:

The dawn rises, the birds and singing and last night I hardly slept a wink.

Today I plan things out so that I’ve got both time and resources on my side to complete the next week’s tasks.

Here’s what I need:
A Website.
A completed audio product.
A database of local business prospects.
A database of Internet business prospects.

After a few coffee’s and walk down the beach (where I think best) I put together the following Action list.

Here’s how I get what I need:
Website – Contact by phone as many local web providers as possible and put forward a one and a half page product plan outline. They need to provide domain registration and hosting for me.

The product. I need a microphone (got it), recording device (the stereo will do) and a piece of software called Real Producer which is free from the Real Networks Website. (You may have to search for the free one, but it’s there). I know some people don’t like real audio – but it’s free to product and easy to use. I also need someone to type up transcripts of the audios and some kind of eBook creator that I can get for free. Should be able to easily find these through my local University (I give the aspiring web designer a free copy – free training – he or she transcripts for me). I can also go to and pick up free eBook creation software, or at least a free demo that will do for the moment. The database of local business prospects could be a challenge, but I’ve found the easiest way to do this (keeping in mind that that I want businesses who are web minded) is to download the free evaluation copy of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot from Cyber Robotics. It will easily build me a directory of local businesses who have web sites. The database of Internet prospects will have to come from people who already have good sized opt-in Ezine mailing lists. I’m going to choose to Joint Venture with good ‘average’ sized lists as I know they will more readily accept my proposal than the big guns. Most of the big guns don’t give a toads backside about the little ‘un-heard of guys’ like me. You’d be lucky to even get them to return your email.

Now I know what I want and how to get it, it’s time to get to work. First thing is to create my full product outline to then contact local web providers.

PS. I’ve going again here for the ‘local’ smaller web providers as I know they are more likely to accept my proposal then larger companies.

I want to be able to talk directly with the owner of the business, not some secretary or glorified ‘customer service’ dude.

Day Three:

My product outline is complete and I get on the phone and begin prospecting.

By the end of the day I’ve already met a few people and they love the idea of being able to give a free complimentary copy of my new product to their clients in exchange for registering a domain name and providing hosting for me.

Note: In case you were wondering – this is exactly how I started out with my first Website.

Day Four and Five:

Immediately I need only do two things.
Begin building my local database with Zeus, and begin recording my audios.

Between them that this takes a few days.

Day Six:

Now keep in mind I’m a single Dad with 3 kids, so I just work half a day here.

Today I stop by and pick out a nice web template to begin with. I could do the whole thing myself, but I prefer to save time and start with someone else’s initial ideas to then modify it to my needs.

I also begin mapping out the sales copy for my new Website which will be ready in a few days.
Day Eight:

Hey, got to have some time off, right?

Awesome – my new Website domain name delegation has gone through and my hosting account is up and running.

I’m still working on the audios as they takes a while but we’re almost there.

Here’s the process I use:
I’ve got my product plan outlined so I use them as the guide to record each tutorial.
It’s easy. I plug the mike into the stereo and record onto cassette tape as I talk.
Once the cassette recording is ready I run a lead jack from the stereo into the back of my computer and use Real Producer to record and convert the file to Real Audio.

Today is finished up with me modifying the new web page template and uploading it (blank) so I can check it out.

Using Zeus I also build a back end links database which becomes my marketing platform for local business.

Day Nine:

Today I contact the local University and get some kid to transcript my audios for me, It’ll take a few days.

I also finish recording and write the sales copy for the new site.

All I need do now I get the finished product and I’m ready to go.


(This will be continued tomorrow…)