The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 06

The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 06

The first sale before the sale, by Paul Barrs.

Then there comes this thing called “the sale”. It’s that all important 100% nothing-matters-more thing that every business person lives for.

Or is it?

Well, yes. But there are many different types of “sales” and the one that you choose is determined by your purpose as discussed in section 3.

For some websites the “sale” is made when the customer subscribes to a free newsletters / special report / or some other similar publication in exchange for the customers name and email address. It’s a standard practice these days and most certainly should be an essential element of every website ever built.

Sidebar: It should also be an essential element of every business that operates anywhere on the face of the planet.

So if your purpose is clear and you’ve made your intentions know through your sales copy, and the road map is simple enough – then your website visitor will either ‘buy’ your free report with his or her contact details, or they will purchase your actual product because it meets their needs.

Are you beginning to see that there is more than just one thing that needs to occur in order to make this happen? In some small way, it’s almost like the planets need to align!

Then what?



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