The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 04

The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 04

Ten seconds to success or failure., by Paul Barrs.

So, how do we let our visitors know that your purpose is aligned with theirs? Easy. We do it with sales copy.

Assuming that our website has passed the 10-second test and initial impressions appear to be aligned, the customer / website owner relationship now needs to be cemented in place – do we have what they are looking for, and how do we show it to them?

It’s your headline that will magnify the answer! A great headline will grab their attention and draw them in; a poor one will once again, turn them away.

Of course, I’m not suggesting here that we try and be all things to all people. We have a purpose and we have a plan – a plan that guides our business. Therefore, sales copy when written well expounds upon these things and captures the attention of our perfect customer.

It is this person whom we want to discover. More so, the sales copy enlightens the facts that for them, that just as they are our perfect customer, we are their perfect business.

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