The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 03

The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 03

Determining the Purpose that Drives the Point, by Paul Barrs.

The next key aspect of a successful website is its purpose. Let’s say that your new visitor has decided to stay around. It looks like your site just may offer them what they need. But then, so do dozens of other websites –

Which of these websites most clearly illustrates what it can do for the customer and where it will take them? Is it yours? Can your customer quickly see that your business offers not only what they “need”, but also what they “want’?

If it does then you’ve got a chance. Customers these days come to your website with a purpose in mind. They don’t have time to waist. They are not there to “browse”. They are there to fill needs, desires, and wants. If they don’t feel they can find them at your website, they somewhere else.

Your purpose must be aligned with theirs.



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