The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 01

The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 01

How to Write a Good Search Engine Description, by Paul Barrs.

Hello, and welcome to the first audio in my new series, The “10-point Website Success Checklist”! The purpose of this program is to help us, as website marketers, to shift our focus momentarily away from the “technical detail” and towards “customer detail”. Yes, its’ true that the technical is necessary, the technical makes it all happen, BUT –

To easily these days we spend our time on the “what we do” instead of “what our customers do”.

It’s time to stop looking at us, and look at them.

The 10-point Website Success Checklist will take you by the hand, newbie or advanced marketer, and guide you through the sale process as your customer sees it. While it may have only take me a day to record and edit all ten audios (about 90 mins worth), it took me a month to fully research and prepare this series.

Yours… free!

As always, you can download the MP3 files for later review, which I hope you will also do.

I suggest that you read the text and then listen to the audio for best results. Then, for even better results, listen again to the audios one after the other.

You can listen to them as you’re driving in your car, while you’re walking down at the local park or while you’re fulfilling the daily duties of running the household. It doesn’t matter *when* you listen to them… just listen to them.

The first audio in the Website Success Checklist is all about search engine descriptions…


Website Success Checklist Part One: Poor SEO Description…

What do they see when they first see?

If your webmaster has done the job right, your customers are going to be able to find you in the search engines. Of course, this is not the only way that your potential customers will be finding you, but it is *one* of the fundamental traffic strategies.

With that in mind, it’s vitally important that the description that your visitors see when they come across your site linked in their search engine results is both revealing and compelling; revealing, so that it gives enough information to capture their attention, and compelling so that it draws them in to then click your link and seek more.

This is something that you should personally check yourself, and do so in numerous search engines, because different engines show different results.



The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Full Series:

1. What do they see when they first see?
2. How to meet Expectations in Layout and Design.
3. Determining the Purpose that Drives the Point.
4. Ten seconds to success or failure.
5. Road Maps and Navigation.
6. The first sale before the sale.
7. Talking to your friends… effectively.
8. Fresh Apples and Eggs.
9. Do your Teenagers Still Talk to You? Do your Customers?
10. One PLUS One equals one thousand


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