Three Things for Success in 2013

Three Things for Success in 2013

I was thinking just the other day, there are just three things – only three things – that you really need to grasp hold of to get the most out of this coming year.

Well, be it at the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month, maybe even just the beginning of the day that you’re watching this right now, three things that you can use to improve how things turn out for you. Now, very simply, those three things are questions – questions that you need to ask yourself.

They could be in whatever area of life is most important to you to achieve things at this time. Of course, there are many different areas of life, not just the financial, not just the physical, not just the spiritual. There are many different areas of life that can do with improvement.

But today we’re not talking about setting up a whole plan that we can follow step by step, line by line. That takes an entire day just to plan. I’m only talking about three things, and the questions that you need to ask yourself.

So, right now, just consider for one moment whether or not it is the physical. Maybe it is the financial, maybe it’s real relationships. Whatever it is that is most important to you to improve on right now, the one thing that you’re not satisfied with. Whatever that is, here are the three things that you need to know or, more importantly, need to ask yourself.

Number one, what one single thing could you do, add to what you’re already doing, to improve upon this area of your life, whatever it is? The question is, what one single thing would make the biggest difference in your life in that area right now?

Now I’d like you to take some time while you’re watching this video, or to pause it right now to do it right now, or to plan five minutes the moment this is finished, to answer that question. What one single thing would make the biggest difference to improvement in your life in whatever area it is you want to improve? If you began doing it today, tomorrow, this week, pretty well immediately. What one single thing? That’s number one of the three things.

Number two is this, what one single thing, if you took it away, if you stopped doing it, could also make the biggest difference? Hmm, now that’s an interesting thing. We often think, “Well what can I do? What can I do?” But it’s a good question also, “What can we not do? What should we stop doing?” Not just what can we do to improve things, it’s what should we stop doing to screw them up? That’s also very, very important.

Look at it in my own life. Just recently I was looking to get healthy, looking to grasp more control over my weight and my fitness. What one thing could I do? The thing that I could do was, well, I could exercise more and I could exercise effectively. That was the key.

What one thing could I stop doing? What could I pull back on? What was going to make the biggest difference for me? I had to cut back on the junk. More specifically, I had to cut back on the junk at night, after I’d had dinner. These were some of the questions I asked myself. During this past week I began thinking, “How can I help you have a better year? A better month? A better day?” I mean, think about this. Those are two things.

What do you think the third is? The third is very simply this, when can/will you get started with both of those things right now? I need a date. I need a time. I need a commitment. I need to know when you are going to actually make this happen. Next week sometime, if I feel like it, when I’m not tired.

Not good enough. I need a “Next Monday, 7:00 a.m. start,” or something similar. Something which is definite, something which is set in concrete; something which you will commit yourself to. Then, something that you will find and someone who will hold you accountable for what you are going to, one, do, two, stop doing.

Here’s the thing, if you need someone to help you keep accountable, talk to me if you don’t have anyone in your life. I’m going to charge a fee for this but I will make sure that you are accountable for what you do and what you don’t do. Because life is more about just the things that we do, it’s also about those that we don’t. Sometimes we need to take control of both.

So these are three things for you to consider to have a fantastic New Year. What will make the biggest difference if you start doing it? What will make the biggest difference if you stop doing it? And then, when are you going to get off your ass and make it happen? Have a fantastic year, a fantastic month, even just a fantastic day. My name is Paul Barrs at I’ll talk to you again real soon. Bye-bye.

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