Product Creation Secrets 8: Choosing Your Format

Product Creation Secrets 8: Choosing Your Format

Product Creation Secrets 8 (Article) – By Paul Barrs.

It’s the final step, you’re almost there – all you need to do it put your product together and you’re off and running. So go for it, what’s stopping you?

Just one thing –

As with any part of the product creation process, you should never launch into it without first consulting your prospective customers; and how do we do that? We ask!

These days when most people think about publishing Online they immediately think PDF… of course, who wouldn’t? Well, you may be right, but what if you’re not? What if PDF doesn’t allow all the options that you want to give?

There is of course the ‘older’ .exe format, zipped up for easier distribution – but it too has limitations.

So maybe you’ll want to look at online delivery; either free open access or in a password protected area. The choices however, are not yours to make – they are your customers.

Competent product creation is all about the fine details….

When deciding though, you need to weigh up the facts and options, what does your project need? Is it just text? Do you use audio? How about video? Maybe you have additional downloads and / or a combination of all of them – the only way you can really decide how to deliver your product is to ask… what do your people want?

If you go with PDF, just keep in mind that if someone down the line dishonestly puts it Online then it can (and most likely will be) spidered by search engines and made available for the world to see, just like any web page. Plus of course you won’t have as many formatting options as you would a compiled HTML eBook delivered in .exe – yes, this offers much more security, but your buyers may be more wary of downloading it. So perhaps you should just go then with online delivery behind a password protection… but then some people *do* like to download, print and read.

Don’t just stop with the product creation itself – go the extra mile.

My suggestion? Provide a combination of them all – but above all, ASK. After all, if these are the people who are going to *buy* your product, don’t you think that as you set out on your product creation path that you should consult them?