How to Find Moments of Joy and Happiness

How to Find Moments of Joy and Happiness

Hello friend, how are you? Are you happy? I am. In fact most days I’m not just happy, I’m peaceful. I’m content. I’m fulfilled in all that I do and the friends that I have.

It hasn’t always been like this though; many times in my life things have been quite different. There have been many days, many months – even years in life – where I’ve been stressed and barely able to manage living. In the years past that is.

The question for today is… do you know how to find moments of JOY and HAPPINESS in your life – even amidst the hustle and bustle of ‘things’?

This video shows you a little of my own journey and how you too can begin to live that ‘easier life’ if you’re not quite there yet.


How are you going, folks? Paul Barrs, from joining you. Thank you for watching. We meet here in this video update. I am sitting back in the tropical rainforest at the moment, just had a lovely, magnificent afternoon, a couple of hours sitting by a waterfall, just listening to the music that was playing in nature’s sounds. The thought occurred to me that there is something that we just too often miss out on when it comes to our journey here in life, and that is this thing called joy and happiness. This is a series called Success, Happiness, and Life. I wanted to make this special video today, this next video update, to illustrate the point of saying do not put off your joy and your happiness until some point in the future.

Happiness is an elusive thing. We often believe it exists in moments of our past, and now those moments of happiness are just memories. Many of us believe that if we do something, achieve something, or find something, we will discover happiness in the future, but they are just hopes, dreams and desires; they are not reality.

The truth of the matter is this, happiness is now, or it is not. It is an elusive dream for many, but I am here today to tell you, please, do not put off your happiness and your hopes for joy. Do not put them off until sometime in the future. Do not think that there is happiness in the achievement. Instead, find happiness in the achieving along the way. It is the most important thing you can possibly learn in this journey of success, of happiness and life. To find joy in the moment, no matter what you are  doing, and no matter where you are. At this point of time you may be happy,  you may not. Where you are right now is a reflection upon the decisions you  have made and the things that you have done. The things that you could have  or should have done in your past, that is why you are where you are right  now. It is easy, I understand, to think, ‘If I make better decisions, if I do different things, I will find happiness in the future.’

My suggestion for you today is this, look for ways to find your happiness  and your joy now, right now, here in this moment, no matter what is  happening. If whatever is happening in this physical world right now sucks,  which happens sometimes, find some happiness up here, and maybe that  happiness will be in a future memory or a past one, that is OK. For that  moment, hang onto that happiness now. That is what I am trying to say. Do  not live for the future, do not live in the past. Find out and figure out how to discover joy and happiness in the present, right now.

I am just looking around and listening. Just take a moment and listen.  Almost nothing, and really, that is what life is until we add this to it,  until we add some of this stuff around. Life is just life, it is neither  good nor bad, it just is what it is. What you think about it, what you  apply to it, is what it becomes, for you. That is the key that will unlock  this joy, this happiness thing that I am talking about. How you think about the things that are happening.

My old phrase, I have mentioned it before and I will close off with it  today. It is not what happens to you that makes the biggest difference, but  how you think about it. This is Paul Barrrs, from, signing off. You have a fantastic afternoon, bye.

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