Learn Internet Marketing – Pt05

Learn Internet Marketing – Pt05

“How to Learn Internet Marketing” – A new series by Paul Barrs; brought to you by “How to Create Your first MEGA MONTH.”

Learn Internet MarketingOK, here’s the truth… if you want to know the key aspects in order to learn internet marketing (or anything at all for that matter), then there is one thing that I believe will help you more than any other individual thing… and remember, I’m talking about the LEARNING aspect here, not the doing.

You might have heard this before, there are four fundamental stages in which we learn –

They are:

  • Unconscious Incompetence (we don’t’ know that we don’t know)
  • Conscious Incompetence (we know that we don’t know)
  • Conscious competence (we know and we’re getting there)
  • Unconscious Competence (we can do it without thinking)

I won’t go into explanations here, but a while back I posted a YouTube Video about it if you want to learn more…. (The Four Stages of Learning).

The point being… you’re here because you want to learn internet marketing, yes? Good.

But I ask you, do you want to just learn it, or do you want to actually DO it? Two very different things.

Today will be the final in my mini-series on

How to Learn Internet Marketing.

Today, I’ll tell you just what it is that can take you to the next level, what it is that in the above mentioned YouTube Video really can express you t the next level – beyond what the ‘average’ guy is girl is doing.

This is more than just learning internet marketing – this is about being the master in your field and being so with authority.

Listen now to part 5 Learn Internet Marketing.



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