How to Get Started in Article Writing

How to Get Started in Article Writing

How to Get Started in Article Writing (The Logical Approach)

Article Writing Tips Part Two.

by Paul Barrs

It’s too easy these days to become overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available online when trying to learn to ‘do a thing’. Whatever the *thing* it doesn’t matter. Many years ago this was identified as ‘information overload’, an apt title.

There is however, one very easy way to avoid this: and that is to take a logical approach when article writing.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed. All you need to do is outline a simple step by step approach and begin with the end in mind. That’s it. Simple.

It will also help if you decide upfront what type of article it will be. As a general rule, there are four different types of article “styles”; the argument article is meant to convince someone of something. The explanation article tells why something is the way that it is, whereas the definition article clarifies the meaning of something. And finally a description article provides information about the qualities or properties of something.

If you take some time to look around, you’ll notice that almost all online articles these days fall into one of these four categories.

Article writing is much easier than you think.

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