Finding the Fish…

Finding the Fish…

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I get a lot of crap sent to me via my eMail in-box. Rarely do I look at stuff, but one thing just happened to catch my eye the other day – not because of what it was – but because of who had sent it.

The thing was, it was an outright affiliate promotion from a guy who had only days earlier launched *his own* product. Something there just didn’t make sense to me… how could someone be recommending another person’s product over his own on a 50% affiliate commission? Surely it had to be good!

So I took a look. Yawn.

Not only was it a crap shoot – just another in the murky waters of the $47 CB e-product, but the sales video was making claims that screamed out SCAM like you wouldn’t believe.

Yet… I watched the video. Despite what it was saying, *it* was impressive. Very slick, very smooth, and I’m sure made a bucket load of sales for the vendor involved.

However, that’s not why I’m writing today. Other than the fact that the video screamed SCAM to me, I don’t remember anything else about it – except this…

“Find the fish.”

The speaker illustrated a story, one that most of us would have heard before, about the difference between a weekend fisherman and a professional fisherman. He said that the biggest difference between the two (other than the amount of fish that they catch) was that the weekend fisherman went down to the water and threw in his line, and then waited for the fish to come to him.

The professional fisherman on the other hand, jumped into his boat and head out… GOING to where the fish were. One was waiting for them to come to him; the other was going out to where they were. The amateur fisherman might catch enough fish to feed himself for the day, but the professional fisherman would likely catch enough fish to FEED A CITY for a week.

See the difference?

It left me wondering, thinking about product sales, business, web traffic and so on. Just this morning I received an email from an affiliate who was wondering why he wasn’t getting any sales through his “affiliate review site”. I looked at it, checked it on Alexa and found that his traffic ranking was so dismal, Alexa didn’t even rank it!

He was “waiting for the fish.”

Get the point?

And I wonder, for you, WHERE are YOUR fish? Google is a big pond. There are tons of fish there, and if you know how to “look for them” you’ll find them. How about Facebook – millions of fish there, and it’s much easier to find them then most think. Warrior Forum, plenty of *very hungry*fish.

These are just three possibilities. Forget for the moment that they are also three of the most *popular* possibilities in their marketplaces making them highly competitive – they are HUGELY POPULAR and that’s where the fish are.

But where else might you find fish? If you’ve created and sell your own product, then you’ll find many beautiful fish-ponds on your competitor’s websites. Not sure, do a search in your niche and then go check out the traffic rankings of the top 5 websites. Lots of fish!

So why not make contact with them and see if they’ll let you fish in *their pond* for a share of the fish caught – then they become a Joint Venture Partner.

Ever wondered why most people fail marketing their own products with an affiliate program…? They wait for the fish to come to them. Don’t wait – go get up! Start looking over the dozens, hundreds of “ponds” available in your marketplace; and then go ask for permission to*fish* in them – there are dozens of things that you can do.

Here’s a neat little strategy that I’m just about to put into practice….

At this point of time the Warrior Forum is ranking in the top 500 websites world-wide. I’ve been a member there for many years and I have a solid reputation. Simply put, that means I’m a BIG FISH in that pond.

The point of this though, is that you DON’T NEED TO BE….

I’ve been watching lately as a number of relative “newbie’s” have been scoring it BIG in the WSO forum. Why you might ask (you’re probably thinking cheap product, cheap crap)… but no. They’ve done it because they’ve done essentially three different things:

1. Created a product that didn’t take too much time (1 – 3 days turn around total).

2. Created a product that dealt with a specific need (i.e. how to get approved for CPA, How to easily create FB iFrames pages or offering some PLR product that does the above.)

3. Offered that product at a price which was WELL-BELOW affordable.

However, these things alone are not enough to make money online. My research showed that these people did one thing (the secret 4th factor) that made the biggest difference.

They fished there often.

And unlike in the deep see fishing land where the fish do everything they can to avoid you – in the murky waters of Internet marketing, as the fish get to *know you* better, they actually come looking.

And when we bring all these things together, we find the secret to success.

Guess what I’m working on doing this coming week?

– Paul Barrs