Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 08)

Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 08)

One of the Best Internet Marketing Strategies is Site Design – Today’s Top 10 QuickTip.

By Paul Barrs.

Site design is one of the old time classics that’s been updated over time, yet never fails to draw a crowd or turn people away – depending on how you apply it.

Perhaps one of the best internet marketing strategies ever designed * is* “design”. Nothing too flash, nothing over the top or too overbearing – good clean lines and design proves to be a winner every time a new visitor comes to your website.

Take a look at the design of my site – it’s certainly 2nd generation, and probably about the 5th or 6th generation. I am continually updating my design to meet current customer expectations.

(Want to take a sneak peek at what used to look like? Check out these hidden links to the internet archive’s WayBack machine – CLICK HERE.)*/

You should also have a got at putting your own site in there to see if you get results. But why did “Design” make it onto my best internet marketing strategies list? Well, for myself as someone who has worked on over 500 different websites in my time, I can now tell the age of a website just by its design!

The thing is, so can your customers, and if your website is looking old and tired, then they are going to notice. This is why design makes it into the top 10 best internet marketing strategies.

Design: # 8 in the best internet marketing strategies series….




The top 10 Best Internet Marketing Strategies:

1.Organic SEO
2. Social Networking
3. Keyword Choice
4. Multimedia
5. Joint Ventures
6. Backlinks
7. Blogging
8. Purpose Design
9. PPC and CPM
10. eMail marketing

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