Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 07)

Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 07)

One of the Best Internet Marketing Strategies is Blogging – Today’s Top 10 QuickTip.

By Paul Barrs.

As you read this right now you’re probably on my blog at, yes? If not, stop by and have a look.

I love blogging and through the evolution of CMS (Content Management Systems) upon which most blogging platforms are based, this best internet marketing strategy has rapidly become one of the most popular.

In simple terms, it’s never been easier to get your content up and get it out to the people – remember social networking, number two of this top 10 best internet marketing strategies list – We now go to them instead of waiting for them to come to us? It’s a key fundamental.

Blogging makes web 2.0 possible in a way that was never previously possible. Gotta love it!

Blogging: # 7 in the best internet marketing strategies series….




The top 10 Best Internet Marketing Strategies:

1.Organic SEO
2. Social Networking
3. Keyword Choice
4. Multimedia
5. Joint Ventures
6. Backlinks
7. Blogging
8. Purpose Design
9. PPC and CPM
10. eMail marketing

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