Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 04)

Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 04)

One of the best internet marketing strategies is Multimedia – Today’s Top 10 QuickTip.

By Paul Barrs.

Again I might well say, “How things have changed!”

It was way back in 2001 that I first began using online audio; video was available though flash media and others, but was overly heavy and loaded slowly. Not very appealing as a best internet marketing strategy!

Now however, multi-media rules; with new technologies and faster internet speeds it’s never been easier to publish and perform with online audio and video.

This is why the addition of multi-media to your website easily makes it into my top ten internet marketing strategies list. These days, it’s the website without MM that runs the risk of being left behind.




The top 10 Best Internet Marketing Strategies:

1.Organic SEO
2. Social Networking
3. Keyword Choice
4. Multimedia
5. Joint Ventures
6. Backlinks
7. Blogging
8. Purpose Design
9. PPC and CPM
10. eMail marketing

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