Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 02)

Best Internet Marketing Strategies (Pt 02)

One of the best internet marketing strategies is Social Networking – Today’s Top 10 QuickTip.

By Paul Barrs.

Over the years things have certainly changed. But now, in the midst of Web 2.0 evolution and with 3.0 mobile technologies looming around the corner, Social Networking as a best internet marketing strategy is a sure fire winner.

The evolution is simple – once upon a time we waited for our customers to come to us, and come they did. But now we must go to them.

That is the essence of a powerful social marketing strategy, which makes it number two in my top ten –

Best Internet marketing Strategies



The evolution of Social Networking:

  • Bulletin Boards.
  • People have been using computers for social communication since the very beginning of the personal computer industry. Long before the Internet became accessible to the general public, people were hosting BBS systems, many of them focused on an interest group or local community.

  • Online Services
  • Commercial online services reached their peak in the 1990s, first as destinations in of themselves, and later as a way to access the Internet. These services provided access to a broad range of services that are now mirrored on the web. News, travel reservations, shopping and social hubs were all part of the package; much of what we see today on the web existed in some form on these sites. Social communication was one of the big draws for online services, as a major source of their revenue was derived from billing for usage on a per-minute basis. AOL in particular recognized this and allowed users to create communities about just about any topic.

  • Web 1.0 – the development of best internet marketing strategies.
  • From the mid-90s to 2000, there was an explosion of activity as companies rushed to reproduce existing online services on the web. There were many social services created during this period, notably GeoCities and

  • The Future
  • While I think commercial social networks will continue to be popular, it is dangerous to project future growth from past trends. There are several important trends already underway that, while they are good for social networking as a whole, will undermine proprietary commercial services.

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    Best Internet Marketing Strategies: (Still to come)

    1. Organic SEO
    2. Social Networking
    3. Keyword Choice

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