| The 6 Elements of a Sexy Website!
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The 6 Elements of a Sexy Website!

14 Feb The 6 Elements of a Sexy Website!

For some women it’s all about the face; the depth of colour in the eyes, the rugged cut jawline, the hint of a smile. For others, they are drawn to big arms, solid shoulders and a strong back. Others again are more attracted to the psychology of their man; the humour, the emotions and their leading character traits.

Men on the other hand are much more easily pleased… we like it simple: boobs and bums, maybe legs as well. It goes back to our primal instincts (like that of the baboon!).

Whatever it is that attracts one to another it all begins with the very first glance, often before we’ve even met – a glance at a distance, the look over a shoulder, the smell of perfume or cologne as it passes…. There’s always something that sparks an interest the very first time – often before you even know each other. And so it is with a sexy website.

The first element of a sexy website is what people see before they even “see” your website. Read this article in full >>>