| The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 09
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The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 09

20 Nov The 10-Point Website Success Checklist Pt 09

Do your Teenagers Still Talk to You? Do your Customers? by Paul Barrs.

As we draw near to the end of this series, there are just two more aspects that need to be looked at carefully.

While it may be great that you’ve so far been able to do and achieve everything on this list, even to the point of making sales regularly and keeping in touch with your customers, there is still one important thing that is missing.

We want to go beyond the client / provider relationships and develop the consumer / friend relationship. We want your customer to view you and your business as an extended friend; someone they will talk to, interact with and spend some time with.

What a wonderful idea! But you sure don’t want them hanging around your office do you? No. You want them “hanging around” your website.

Enter The Blog.

In simple terms a Blog is identified as a “web log”, a place where people can interact and “log” (or share) their thoughts, ideas, concerns, experiences.

And if you can make that industry specific to your marketplace, and host it on your website (a very inexpensive thing to do), then kick things off by publishing your regular fresh desired content, eventually, with time and education, your customers will start reading it and posting their own feedback… in essence, participating in the discussion (don’t worry, you get full veto rights if you don’t like what someone has said).

This is, I believe the key that unlocks the golden goose. Imagine if every time you published your newsletter (be it online of offline) and you asked people to share their viewpoint about what you had to say; do you think that people would start to stand up and take notice of you and your business?

Do you think people prefer to deal with the authority in the industry or the ‘new guy’ who really doesn’t seem to know much?

With a careful blogging strategy you can become the authority figure in your industry in the eyes of those people to whom it matters most – the customer. Mind you, it is always nice to receive such recognition from your peers, built they are not the ones to pay the way and help put your kids through school are they?

Everything we do here is customer-centric… never us (ego)-centric.



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