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Social Media Sucks Sometimes… But –

25 Feb Social Media Sucks Sometimes… But –

Good Evening –

First things first, you’ll notice that I’m writing this at night; yep… it’s one and a half weeks overdue, and if I don’t write it this evening, it’s not getting done.

I have TWO ‘quick tips’ for you this week (to make up for missing last week!).

#1 – If you get behind on your newsletter schedule, DEAL with it. Don’t stress, don’t panic, don’t freak out – just DO YOUR BEST and schedule it in when practicable.

Here’s the thing…it’s far better to be serving those customers who have ALREADY paid you, then those who haven’t! Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not diminishing the value of your newsletter subscribers, they are like gold to your business – but – you have duty of care to do for those customers who have already paid you to DO something for them first. Straight and simple.

Chances are most of your subscribers didn’t even know that you’d missed an issue, right? 🙂

Next; if you’re writing a newsletter for this week, write one for next week too. That’s what I’ll be doing; and from then on, I’ll be a week ahead.

That’s the bones of it anyway.

#2 – Social Media.

I don’t know about you, but when you look at the amount of time that goes into managing and running and effective social media campaign it kinda sucks, doesn’t it. I mean, the time required is often huge, and the return often small… so why would we?

Simply because in order to come out ahead in our marketing, we need to look for ways to ‘engage’ our customers and have them engage with us. Get that right, and you’ll blow your completion out of the water.

You’ve got to get them to REMEMBER you amongst the thousands of other messages that they’ll see that week.

So here’s a couple of quick tips for putting together content that rocks –

1 – Before you write, ASK yourself, what kind of information would your network (social media peeps) most likely want to ‘thank you’ for sharing with them?

Ask yourself, what kind of information would people say, “Wow. This is incredible”. What would be so ‘useful’ to them that they were just gushing with thanks? That’s the kind of information that you want to share.

2 – Ask yourself “What kind of things about my business / about my services if I were to share them would make people go ‘Wow!’?”

That’s the other qualifier. How good is it? We often ask ourselves this question but judge by own own standards. I say judge by ‘their’ standards. Post content that will make their eyes pop, make their mouths open – have them saying, “Holy Smokes Batman, this is bat-tastic!”

Lastly, the question of WHEN to post –

The answer is simple… when “your” people are online. What time is that?I don’t know – but you need to find out. A simple test is to post similar content on an hourly basis for a day and then measure the results of engagement (which hourly bracket gets the most engagement?).

Studies in the US have show that Facebook seems to get better engagement towards the end of week. Reports have shown that G+ gets most response on items posted late mornings. Pinterest people love the weekends; whereas LinkedIn is before or after work weekdays. Twitter just seems to be the opposite of everything, so post often and regularly.

But YOU have to test and find out.

It’s the only way.

Then, to wrap up, let me throw this in…

Once you’ve got your numbers and best engagement times figured out – STOP doing it!


You… stop.

And outsource it to someone else to manage for you. It’ll save you a bucket load of time and get you back to doing things that you should be doing.

Have a great week 🙂

– Paul

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