| Product Creation Secrets 7: How to Make Your Products Last Forever
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Product Creation Secrets 7: How to Make Your Products Last Forever

09 Mar Product Creation Secrets 7: How to Make Your Products Last Forever

Product Creation Secrets 7 (Article) – By Paul Barrs.

By Paul Barrs

This will probably be the shortest of all the articles in this product creation series. However, I don’t want you to think that that means it’s any less valuable. Let me begin by telling you a story….

I was talking to a fellow at a seminar some time back who was looking for product creation ideas to kick-start his business after 6 months away from it. He told me how in the past he’d released a couple of eBooks that enjoyed moderate success and so therefore had a small customer database that he could begin promoting to immediately. After hearing what he had to say I suggested that he repackage his eBooks and add on an up-sell through a joint venture.

Nice idea, but there was one problem – his previous products dealt with the explanation and promotion of specific niche marketplace programs and applications that had “evolved” significantly in recent time, meaning, he could no longer sell his products individually because they were “out of date”! Ouch.

Should our product creation strategy be limited to current opportunity?

There is one crucial element in ongoing product success that you must… let me say it again, you must… and one more time – you MUST do: You must make sure that your products ARE NOT tied down by time. That means that you must be very aware and very careful not to make references to things outside of ‘the general’ that could possible time-date your product.

Don’t think that can happen? Why don’t’ you try going back through your archives and have a listen to / read some older eProducts from 5 years of more ago. Why don’t you do a search Online and see how many current products you can find that promote fax-blast marketing, or see how many people are still talking about Overtue as the best PPC search engine available. Are we still marketing with bulletin boards or do we go Web 2.0 for better results.

[Sidebar: Even the mention of the term “Web 2.0” can time-date the article.]

The thing is, you’ll never know what technologies and terms are no longer being used until after they are no longer being used. As an illustration, even to use the name Google could restrict your product from being saleable in the future… I mean, once upon a time GM was one of the strongest most reliable companies on the planet, wasn’t it?

So here’s my suggestion: if your product *is* a tech explanation product and there is no way that you can get around not using and referring to current technologies, break your product into two different parts – part (a) is the generalisation part, the explanation of the concepts, ideas and philosophies; part (b) is the tech part, the time dated part, the bit that very likely will change in the years to come.

These thing should be considered as a part of your product creation strategy!

Then, as you released new and updated versions of your product in the future you’ll no longer have to rewrite / rerecord the entire thing, but rather, just the second part. You’ll save yourself dozens, possibly hundreds of hours over the years and therefore save yourself countless thousands of dollars by taking this approach before you begin.

Finally, let’s not forget to mention the tens of thousands of dollars you could potentially continue to earn in years to come by creating and selling products that don’t have a use-by-date.

Go for it. With careful consideration, this is the easiest product creation strategy to implement.