| Product Creation Secrets 3: How to Test and Measure Your Product Ideas
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Product Creation Secrets 3: How to Test and Measure Your Product Ideas

01 Mar Product Creation Secrets 3: How to Test and Measure Your Product Ideas

Product Creation Secrets Pt 3 (Article) by Paul Barrs.

Some will call it ‘test and measure’, some will call it ‘product development’, others will call it putting your product creation ideas into action. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, what matters most is that you test ALL your product ideas before you convert them into actual products.

Let me explain…

Image that you have a great idea one day while you’re out walking the dog; it seems like an awesome concept that gets your creative juices flowing instantly. You stop talking to your dog and record the moment using your hand held recording device. Over the coming week you let it play around in your mind and record all your additional ideas.

At the end of the month you sit down to review your ideas and find you’ve got about an hour and a half of audio ‘notes’. Fantastic! These could be a product in themselves.

Successful Product creation begins with a good plan.

But, knowing that the process must be followed, you do your due diligence and review your notes effectively while writing down the next steps in your product development. You choose a product name, register the domain, create the product, write the sales copy, plug in the eCommerce and affiliate program and send it off into cyber-space.

You even do all the search engine work, approach potential joint venture partners and buy multitudes of links on high traffic websites.

But the product doesn’t sell. Why?

Because in the whole process you missed the most important step *in* the process; you forgot to ask your potential customers what they wanted in the product, and if indeed they even actually *wanted* the product in the first place.

Don’t laugh, and don’t think it doesn’t happen. I did this once and flogged my ‘dead horse’ product for 2 years before I finally gave up on it!

Product Creation Rule Number One in the realms of product development – ask your potential customers what they would want in a product like the one you’re putting together. Now, if you don’t yet have ‘potential customers’ then you need to find out where they might be; online forums, on other competitive websites, at the local (traditional) market. Wherever they are, you MUST find them and ASK them … “what they want.”

How do you do this? The easiest way is an Online survey – for example, you may find that the forum where your customers like to ‘hang out’ has a Poll feature – use it. But before you choose your Poll questions, post a message first to ask what questions people would *ask* about such product… then post your poll.

Can you see where I’m going with this? EVERYTHING you do must be Customer-centric not ego-centric.

Good Product Creation is about asking looking at the customer… not the business.

Other options including going through Google’s keyword suggestions on the product type, find out what related ideas people are looking for. Be creative.

If all else fails, set up a Poll or survey question on your own website (a unique page) and use PPC or Adwords traffic to bring people to your Poll questions and ask them. Above all else, look to get at a minimum, 50 responses to your Poll / survey before you begin creating your product.

Rule Number Two in the realms of product development – is very simply, see rule number 1! You see, some product ideas should *not* be developed, and while it’s hard to ‘let your baby go’, sometimes you just have to.

These things can ‘make or break you’ – they have the potential to *make* you thousands, or cost you.

The choice it yours. Go for it. Once you begin developing your own product creation strategies, the sky is the limit!