| Product Creation Secrets Part 9 (Audio – Final)
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Product Creation Secrets Part 9 (Audio – Final)

16 Apr Product Creation Secrets Part 9 (Audio – Final)

A Few Thoughts on Marketing, by Paul Barrs.

We’re getting down to it, almost at the end of this series.

. The final stage before it all kicks off, and the final audio in this series – marketing.

We could of course actually spend an entire series on this topic…

[Sidebar:] Wait a minute I think I did just recently – have a look at “Your First Month Master Plan” where I outline exactly what it is that you should be doing during your first 30 days in your online business marketing plan.

Ok, but putting that aside, maybe you’re not new and you don’t need to be held by the hand during your first 30 days kick off…

In which case this audio will give you hints and tips that you can put into use immediately to get you on your way.


Read the article HERE.

The Product Creation Secrets Full Series:

1. How Not to Lose a Good Product Idea
2. What to do with a Product Idea Once You Have It
3. How to Test and Measure Your Product Ideas
4. How to Find Ideas when You Don’t Have Any
5. How to Determine if Your Idea is a Good One
6. How to Determine Your Products Purpose
7. How to Make Your Products Last Forever
8. Choosing Your Format
9. A few thoughts on Marketing

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Your First Month Master Plan