| How to Get More Likes on Facebook
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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

18 Jun How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook… love it or hate it, it’s out there and doing HUGE things! The problem for those of us in business marketing is that it’s hard to sit back and watch Facebook doing “huge things for others” while we struggle to get results and get people to “like” us.

Ever had that problem? You put the effort in, write up your content, schedule your posts, create your awe inspiring images – and no one likes your posts! Aargh. It’s no wonder so many people get frustrated with Facebook – you can literally put in HOURS and get ZIP for your efforts. Screw that!

OK, maybe not – here’s a gem of an info graphic that shows you how to get more likes on Facebook. It comes to us from the great guys (and gals) at Kissmetrics (link below).


How to Get More Likes on facebook.


Infographic from