| How to Get Your Content Shared 5x More than Before
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How to Get Your Content Shared 5x More than Before

21 Feb How to Get Your Content Shared 5x More than Before

Tell me something. How much time do you invest in writing and preparing your content?

Me, quite a bit. I like to know that the videos that I record and the articles that I write and that I then share through my social media will bring to me the best possible return that they can for the time and effort that I put into them. I mean isn’t that the goal? We want to be able to get the best possible return.

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So you, like I of course, pretty much do everything right. We do our best and we put together good content. We then share it through our social media networks and it goes out to everybody; or not, which is sometimes the case now.

Tell me this. How many times have you felt disappointed by the results that you’re getting from the content that you’re preparing? Yeah, I know. It happens to all of us. Well, here’s a very quick, a very simple idea that you can use which is going to get your content read and shared as much as three, four, five times more than what it currently is.

Here’s the idea. Grab a pen and paper. You don’t want to miss this. This is incredibly complex. No, actually it’s really simple. Just simply tweet, share, Facebook, and pump out to social media your article, your video, what? More than once.

Hang on. That’s a bit simple. There’s got to be more to it, surely. I mean we know this when you put a video up on YouTube you can simply click it and it will automatically Facebook, and it will tweet it, and will send it out to your Google Plus as well. There you go, job done.

Put something on your blog post. If you’re set up through something like NetworkedBlogs it’s going to get automatically published to Facebook and Twitter, and in my case also LinkedIn and Google Plus. Problem solved. It’s all done. Isn’t it?

customer-connectionsBut, the thing is with the constant changes and the high volume of competition, how many times is your content then getting read? Simple answer, not much. So, that means you need to republish it on your social media more than once.

I know this can be a controversial topic. A lot of people are going no, no, it’s bad for SEO. Simple answer, bullsh**. It’s not going to affect your SEO one bit neither good nor bad. But, what it can do and what it will do is improve your engagement rate with your potential customers.

Look, here’s three things that you can take home to remind you of this, and how well it works, and why you should be using it.

One – The facts prove that it works

Number one, it’s going to bring you more traffic simply because the facts, the studies have shown that when you send content out, that one thing, whatever your average is… Let’s say your average is five, five re-shares by other people, re-tweets by your followers, will get sent out from that very first time.

Studies have shown that on a second tweet from you of the same content it will still get shared on average nearly four times. Studies have shown again that if you send it out and re-tweet it a third time it’s going to get shared again somewhere between two to three more times. Of course, that’s if you’re getting five each time. If you’re getting 50, the numbers will reflect that.

These are studies which have been done through hundreds of different websites, through hundreds of different shares and their average numbers. The fact, though, is this. The more often you re-tweet or sorry, tweet your content the more often it will get re-tweeted. Now, this happens for a very good reason.

Two – Target multiple time zones

Here’s number two why you should be doing this. You can hit multiple time zones by re-sharing your content to your social media platforms at, what?
Different times. Keep in mind I’m not suggesting here that you publish something at 9:00 this morning, and then at 10:00 again, and then at 11:00, and then at 12:00, and then at 1:00 and 2:00 and 3:00 and 4:00 like some kind of robotic program.

No. I’m talking about being a little smart with this. If you schedule it to go out on different days at different times you can reach far more of your followers. It’s just pure mathematics. It’s also common sense. Wouldn’t you agree?

Three – Keep it evergreen, then you can re-share it for a long time

One more thing. Reason number three why you absolutely should be doing this is if you write evergreen content as I do, such as this video is right now. That means I can keep re-sharing this video not just today, not just next week, not just next month but for months, perhaps even years to come.

So then, the final question is, of course, how do we do this and make it practical? Because in my case there’s just me.

Imagine this. I write this content. I do an article. I package it up. It takes me a bit of time. Send it out to Facebook. Send it out to Twitter. Bang, bang, bang, bang. I do my things.

Okay. I can start using some tools like Buffer or HootSuite to automatically then do this. Then, I can schedule it. Then, I can reschedule it. Then, I can reschedule it. It’s just taking up too much of my time. I mean this is a simple, mundane, boring, easy-a** task.

Why would I want to be doing it? I’m a content creator. That’s what I’m best at, training and creating content, which of course is what I should focus on in my business. Okay. That was just on the side. You should be asking yourself the same question.

Back on track. Here’s what I would be doing. Here’s what I do. I have my VA sit down for an hour a week, and I say go and grab some content from my blog, and bang, bang, bang, bang, share it ahead for me. Not just this week, but also grab that one piece and share it three times this week, and maybe two times the week after, and then four times the month following, and then twice the month following, and once the month following.

I take this one piece which is then automatically scheduled for the next six months. That takes about 15 minutes. Then, I say go and grab another one and do the same thing, and then another one and do the same thing, and then another one and do the same thing. All the sudden I’ve got five pieces going out this week again and again and again, and then next month, and then next month, and then next month.

checkmark-silver-bigNow, she’ll do this for me this week, and then she’ll do it for me again next week, and then the week after and the week after. Can you see where this is going? It’s a snowball effect for an hour a week. Easy to do.

Yes, you could do it, and perhaps your business is just getting off the ground, small nutshell. You need to do it yourself. Fair enough. Easier for me. I’ve got over 600 posts on my blog. Easier for me. I’ve got thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and all these different things. Okay.

But, when you’re getting started there’s a principle here. You can… Let me rephrase that. Sorry. You can still do this. No reason why you can’t.

So, there it is. One simple, one very powerful idea that you can implement literally straightaway today, tomorrow. Do it now. You know, all the healthy things I can make you just woo hoo and go yes I’m going to remember this message, if you made it through, of course, to the end of the video.

Just do it, folks. It’s a really easy, easy thing to do. Share your content more than once.

My name is Paul Barrs from Internet business training, it’s what I do. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at the training that I’ve got and even share some of that amongst your own followers. You have a great week. I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.

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