| Facebook Basics for Business
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Facebook Basics for Business

28 Apr Facebook Basics for Business

Social Media Platforms are continually changing, with Facebook leading the charge! That doesn’t mean however that if you’re not “up to speed” with Facebook, that you need to miss out. Here are the basics that you need to know.

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Good morning. Good afternoon perhaps. I should even say good evening. Whatever time it is wherever you are in the world, thank you so much for joining with me. My name is Paul Barrs and welcome to today’s YouTube update.

This month we’re talking Facebook, all things Facebook and how you, as a small business owner, can be using Facebook and your business page to grow your customer base, to generate more leads, more sales, more enquiries through Facebook to your website and, of course, increase your income.

Now, I’ve always believed that the best place to begin anything is at the beginning. So I would like to do that with a simple question for you to consider. Here it is.

Are your customers on Facebook, and is it appropriate for you to engage with them at a business level on Facebook?

Now I know from experience and talking with the many customers I have around the country that that is not always the case. It’s something you must ask. Can you respectfully engage with your customers at a business level on Facebook?

If you can, then it’s the place for you. Facebook represents an incredible opportunity for advertising, for direct marketing, for targeting niches, for just finding the right person for your product, for your service. There are many different ways to do that, which we’ll explore throughout this month.

However, right now at the beginning, I’d like to also ask you another question. Do you have a business page? For the purposes of these videos I’m assuming that you do have a business page, that you’re not using your personal page to promote and engage at a business level. Look, okay to share things from your business page from time to time in a personal page, but absolutely not and against Facebook’s Terms of Service to be promoting your business through your personal profile.

So first things first, you must have a business page. Following it’s also good to have a number of likes, a number of followers, people who are going to be hopefully seeing your message or at least representing to other potential customers that there are people out there seeing your message. Now I’m not talking about Facebook engagement at this point. That’s another conversation for another day.

But I’d like you to just think about it from this point of view. You’ve got your business page, and you’ve got a potential customer who comes through and looks at it because they like using Facebook and they like to look up people and check out businesses and see how they’re doing. They’re comparing you to the competition. The competition has 825 likes on the business page. You have 39. You have 112. You have almost none. How does that make you look? Not very good.

So one of your first goals, your first goal with your business page, aside from getting content onto it, is to bring your likes up to at least 500 as a minimum. Now the way we go about doing that is absolutely not going to the like farms and the cheap and nasty ask services that are out there, where you get people liking your page from all around the world who are not your potential customers, who are not going to engage with you, who are going to waste whatever time, whatever money you’ve put into making that happen. The only way to make that happen in an appropriate manner is to, one, send traffic there, get people to like it through your website. But it’s not the best way, because well, we want them to come back to your website.

The other way to do it is to run what’s called a likes campaign to, as Facebook says it, promote your page. Now I find that that is the best way to do it. Promote your page on Facebook. But you cannot, again, just target people all around the world. You cannot just say I’ll have this and I’ll have that and a few people coming in here, and if I do this, it’s going to happen real quick. No. You must target and you must tightly focus your marketplace, your target customers in your region, perhaps at a state level, maybe at a national level, and get likes from people who could potentially be your customers. That’s vitally important. Potentially be your customers.

Here’s how I do it in my business. I run a daily likes campaign, $5, maybe sometimes $10 a day. Hey, I figure that if a business owner can’t afford to be spending $300 a month on advertising, they shouldn’t be in business. Seriously, that’s called a hobby. That’s not running a business. So between $5 and $10 a day.

If nothing was to happen from that, it’s not going to hurt at all. But I target that advertising, and I change the ads every few weeks, so they’re not just seeing the same things over and over again. I target them to small business owners in Australia, my target market. Every single person who comes through to my page from that clicks like, they are potential customers.

Here’s the thing. I add content to my Facebook business page on a daily basis. It’s scheduled and pre-planned. We’ll talk about that another time. But I add content on a regular basis. So if someone new comes along and they click like, seeing it as part of a campaign that I’m running and they’re going to see it in the next couple of days, guaranteed. It’s going to pop up, at least if they’re online within a reasonable time frame. But because they’re just engaged, they’re more likely to see what I’m doing. Here’s the thing. I understand that if they don’t engage again, they are what, less likely to see it after a short period of time. Facebook engagement, again a topic for another day.

But this is the strategy — likes campaign, regular content being posted to my page. They come through, they see that content, and they engage and get to see more of it. Here’s the beautiful part about it. I know for an absolute fact the number of customers over the last six months who have seen my likes campaign, engaged on my page, clicked through to my website because that’s the goal to get them from Facebook to the website and then made contact or purchased a product or service. I can track down the exact number of people and the exact number of dollars that I’ve spent and I’ve earned back by doing this.

Here’s how I know it works. This is how much I’ve spent. This is how much I’ve earned. If it was this way around, the other way, it wouldn’t work. But I track the numbers and I track the averages. You need to be doing the same.

So that’s a very basic strategy for Facebook and your business page. I strongly suggest that you give that some consideration and thought, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself, that’s fine. If you’re here in Australia, give me a call, drop by my website at and contact me. Or find somebody who can get this happening for you. It’s a simple system that needs to be repeated over and over and over again, like any form of good advertising. Target the right marketplace, give them what they want, ask them to contact you. That’s called direct marketing.

It’s that easy. That’s my word for today. You have a fantastic week, and I will talk to you again I hope real soon.