| 2015 March
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March 2015

17 Mar How to Create a 12-Month Content Marketing Plan

We all know that blogging is an incredibly important strategy when it comes to content marketing and getting our message out there. But how do you keep coming up with new ideas? Hi there, folks. My name is Paul Barrs, from, and in today's training we're going to look at a whole bunch of different ideas. Not really a whole bunch. Just four simple ideas that will help you put together your content marketing strategy for your blog and a whole bunch of other things. So grab your pen and paper. Let's get straight into it.
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03 Mar How to Manage Your Google Link Profile

From the desk of Paul Barrs It's real simple - Google wants you to manage your backlink profile like a professional, not an idiot. If you havn't already been hit with the Penguin SLAP, then this post & video is urgent viewing for you! [vc_video link=''] Share This...

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