| 2014 February
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February 2014

18 Feb 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Overnight

Most of us run some kind of blogging platform to put content on our websites. Here's five powerful ways that can improve your blog content almost overnight. [vc_video link=''] Share This Video with your Friends [shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="554704"] Hi there. My name is Paul Barrs. Hello and welcome to...

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10 Feb Mondays are Great (Quick Video)

[vc_video link=''] Good morning. Okay, I can't say good afternoon this time. This is absolutely, definitely a morning thing only. It's a little after 7 o clock this morning, and welcome to today's YouTube update. Now I'm at my favourite coffee shop, Via Italia here on the...

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04 Feb Busting a few SEO Myths –

I see a lot of comment online from people ‘paying out’ on their web developer or SEO marketer; and yes, while some of this is certainly deserved, I’m going to stand up a moment and bust a few myths that many business / website owners...

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