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August 2013

23 Aug Please Stop Asking For Help!

It's an interesting title, isn't it? Stop asking for help. Why on earth would I say that? Everything that I do, everything that I say so far this year and the year before and the ten before that are all about being helping people. Why...

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19 Aug SEO, What Are You Paying For?

Good morning, folks. Thanks for joining me this week for another edition of Internet Business Quick Tips. We're talking about SEO, seach engine optimisation, and what it is that you're paying for when you outsource this to some company or some person. There is a song,...

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12 Aug How to Block Your IP Address in Google Analytics

Hi there folks. Paul Barrs signing in for a very quick video, this is one of those videos that I like to record to answer a question that I get often. The question is when it comes to Google Analytics, how I can make sure that my visits to my websites are not included in my statistics. Well I've just had to set up a analytics account for a friend whose working in the local area, and I thought I'd record this last part of it with you. So, very simply, in the Google Analytics area, I'm in the admin section, I'm at the top level of the admin section, and I have an option here, properties, users and filters. I'm going to click through to the filters and add a new filter with these, I'm going to track the IP address and block. So for example, I'm going to put my IP address in here and make sure that it's not included in any statistics.
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07 Aug The Top 10 SEO Mistakes – Part 3

And here we are finishing up this quick little series. I've broken it up into three videos, just to make it a little bit easier for people to get through, because hey, who's got fifteen or thirty minutes to sit around and watch a video. I know I don't. Number eight: Not doing correct keyword research. I haven't got the word correct in there, but truly, that is what we're talking about here. I'm not talking about coming up a couple of dozen key words.
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06 Aug The Top 10 SEO Mistakes – Part 2

All right and so, we are back, and we're talking of duplicate content. This is duplicate content on your own page. Not like the last part of the last video, where we were talking about duplicate content on other people's pages. No, copy - paste that kind of thing, no. I'm talking about, if you use some kind of CMS system. I mean I use one. I use WordPress and WordPress has this really cool function, which is good for users who want to look into my archives or check out a particular category on related topics.
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05 Aug The Top 10 SEO Mistakes – Part 1

Today's video - "The Top Ten SEO Sins." Kind of feel that I should be getting the whip out and start flailing myself, because these are the things that we do wrong, sometimes without even realizing it, and look, this is just going to be a quick video.
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02 Aug Getting Results From Blogging

Today I have a quick tip for you to help you get better results with your blogging. Now blogging is something that we all should be doing, or at least, if not us, somebody else in the business or in the company to be blogging...

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