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May 2013

31 May The Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing and Social Media: With the increase in the number of mobile users, it's no wonder marketing strategies are more and more often geared towards the mobile world. Another great strategy is the blending of social media. For example, an iPhone user will use...

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16 May Facts about Auto-Blog Commenting

Fact # 1: Comment posting for getting backlinks WORKS. Period. You just have to be careful on how you proceed with it. Read below for instructions.
[Side Note: Even though, without doubt the EASIEST WAY to do this is with auto-posting 'blog commenting' software, I have to point out that I DO NOT USE such programs and hate them with a passion. I believe in offering QUALITY at all points in your business, never spam crap. However, I know that some people are still going to do this so you may as well know the "rules" to help you get by.]
Fact # 2: Comments that are not related 100% to the content of a blog post are always considered to be spam. So please please, PLEASE only target related blogs to your niche or industry. Fact # 3: Even then when you post comments to various blogs online IN MASS then *SOME* of the comments will STAY there and won't be deleted. Why? Because it's the name of the game. There are blogs that have been created for allowing such posts only for giving the impression of high traffic to search engines.
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10 May The Perfect Customer

If You're Serious about Making Money Online then You Must Understand THIS! When you came to this website you came here looking for something specific. Even if *you* didn't know what it was, you came here because you were looking for something that will HELP you...

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04 May Marketing Basics: Foundation Strategies

Today, we're going to talk about one of the most essential things that you must understand in business if you want to have any level of success whatsoever.Here's the wonderful thing about this magical stuff; it doesn't just apply to online or internet business, it applies to all areas of business: Big business, little business, medium business, mom and dad business, grandpa business, kid's business. Whatever the business is, it applies to absolutely all of them, online or offline, even both. Here it is, the marketing basics, the 101 of how to be tremendously successful when it comes to making money in business.
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