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November 2012

29 Nov Mooloolaba Tri Athletes, Daren Mercer, Andy Roddick and the X-Factor (and me)

- By Paul Barrs - A little while back I had the pleasure of being able to watch two of the worlds great tennis players, Andy Roddick and James Blake, obliterate their respective opponents. This was a real treat for me because while I’ve always loved the game, I’d never yet seen it live, upfront and so close. However, a thought struck me sidelong in the face while watching those titans before me struggle for supremacy… What was it that made them so different? OK, yes, one was “better” than the other, sure. That’s the obvious. But I asked myself, did one practice ‘less’ than the other? Probably not. And while I don’t know it for certain, I’d be dead sure that they both put in the same amount of hours, the same number of drills and the same number of repetitions as the other. They’d be foolish not to. So what was it that made them different? Why was it that these two players and others like them were so elevated in their abilities when others who had done the same amount of work had far less capability?
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28 Nov STOP – Think About What You’re Thinking About

By Paul Barrs There are many different aspect to personal and business success. Most of the articles I’ve read recently seem to focus more on the tools that we use rather than the one who wields them – So let me ask you, how effective is a chisel and hammer in the hands of someone whose only a 1 year apprentice in sculpture? How well does than man or woman’s workmanship compare with the master sculpture? Not well would me my guess. Here’s the point – it doesn’t really matter how many “tools” or how many “techniques” or how many “programs” you’re got hold of if you yourself are not well skilled in using them. This of course is simple basics. But this philosophy also extends to the ‘why’ to use them, the ‘when’ to use them, and most importantly the ‘ability’ to use the consistently and without failure. This is where ‘think about what you’re thinking about’ comes into play.
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24 Nov How to Establish Credibility in Your Marketplace

By Paul Barrs. There’s a challenge that we all must face as business owners, and that is to establish credibility in the eyes of our customers. Over the years this task has become increasingly difficult, and even more so for the small business owner as the giants of business seemingly overwhelms the airwaves with their almost unlimited advertising dollar. What can we do? We take them on at their own game, but put aside the old rules with which so many of them still play. We don’t compete against them in the ‘traditional’ marketplaces, but rather the emerging marketplaces. We go directly to the people; our customers and their customers. We go to the Internet.
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23 Nov Success Begins the Night Before

By Paul Barrs Good Morning! I’m saying ‘good morning’ because I want you to know what time it is. It’s essential to the success of this article that you begin reading it with that supposition in mind… yes, it is morning. I’m sitting out on my balcony enjoying the cool of the morning summers breeze (later on it’s going to be stinking hot), and I’ve got my second cuppa within arms reach. This is how 8 out of 10 of my mornings start. Today however, will be a little different; I’ll be writing 2 articles. Usually I just write one. [Sidebar: Yeah yeah, I know there’s a whole bunch of purists out there who like to make out that they are article marketing machines and claim they pump out 40, 50, even 100 articles a day. Well, yes, I know that to be true – and using the latest ‘article generation software’ which does 95% of the work for you, sure you can pump out dozens of articles and top ten reports based on other people’s content and ideas each day.]
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16 Nov Adwords Express for Local Business

Google Adwords may not always be the right online marketing campaign for local business. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you may not always be able to increase the sales through Google Adwords. For a local business that doesn’t even have a website but is out there vying to compete against the bigger local businesses, the cost involved in creating and managing a website or putting up ads may sometimes be too much. This is where Google Adwords Express plays a key role.

What exactly are AdWords Express Ads?

A simplified version of Google Ads, this particular ad campaign helps attract more targeted audiences to your local businesses than any other online ad campaign. Google has added so much detail to its simplified target-oriented ad campaign. The Adwords Express displays the ads that are closely relevant to the local brands and services for which the Google search is done. The ads will be displayed in the Ads section placed to the right or above the Google search results. They appear in Google Maps (in blue pins) on both desktop and mobile versions. Apart from the company name, contact number, and website details, Adwords Express also includes additional consumer-friendly information including the recent online reviews of the local business, average star rating, and also provides a page link to let consumers know what the local business’s ranking in Google’s organic search results is.
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12 Nov The Internet Business Success Formula (Part Three, Final)

In this final part of ‘The Internet Business Success Formula’ I’m going to ask you to get courageous. If you’ve been taking notes along the way you would have seen a shift in your own thinking away from my own examples to your own. So, looking now at your own websites, ask yourself... “What can you DO to make change for the better?” Try and come up with at least 6 THINGS that you can do over the next week to improve upon what you’re already doing (or add 6 six things to your plan if you don’t have a website yet). Once you’ve got those six things... go DO THEM! Like I said in the first post. This video is for up and coming big dogs. Big dogs DO stuff! The whole series is available at Maximum Success University. Enjoy!
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11 Nov The Internet Business Success Formula (Part Two)

Here is the second part of my ‘internet business success formula’ from my two day boot camp workshop. The whole series, “Internet Business Mastery” is available at Maximum Success University. I hope you’ve got your pen and paper handy and are ready to take notes. I’m not a passive trainer. When I record these videos I EXPECT you to be listening and taking notes. Once we’re done I EXPECT you to put into action your notes and start getting RESULTS. I EXPECT my thoughts to inspire yours, to help take you to bigger, better and brighter things. Like I said in the first post. This video is for up and coming big dogs :) Enjoy!
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10 Nov The Internet Business Success Formula (Part 1)

A few years back I recorded a 30 part training program which was the take-home pack from my two day boot camp workshop. Recently I went back through his program and sorted out those that were still relevant, and updated those that were not. The whole series, “Internet Business Mastery” is available at Maximum Success University. This is the kind of video series you should grab hold of if you’re wanting to do *more* than just build a few affiliate sites, or promote a few WSO’s. This video, The Internet Business Success Formula is for those people who have perhaps ‘grown up’ in the world of traditional business and now want to take that knowledge and make something of it in the internet world. However, unless you’re willing to put in the effort to crack the six-figure code – don’t waste your time. This video is for up and coming big dogs :) Enjoy!
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07 Nov What is and what isn’t Good Quality Content?

How do you determine what is and what isn't "Quality Content". by Paul Barrs Following is a post I made on an Online marketing forum recently. The topic and replies where all around the question of "What is quality content in an article?" It's a worthwhile question, and one that all new online business people must ask - and answer. Here are my thoughts. ==== The debate goes on about how to write and present your Online content: Should we write ourselves? Should we use PLR? Should we hire a ghost writer? Should we use article from ten years ago? Should we spin our articles and blast them out everywhere? Let me ask you a question - Are your articles such total crap that they are not worth reading the way they were written the first time? Hmmm. By now you've guessed that I don't advocate spinning of *any* content. I also believe that the BEST CONTENT is original content.
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05 Nov Inside a Successful Home Internet Business

Welcome! Chances are you’ve joined with us today because you’re looking to make more money online... maybe you’re sick to death of people promising the world but not delivering on what they say. Do you want a second income? Are you hoping to turn your part time home internet business into a full time one? Perhaps it’s that you’ve had enough of working for someone else – and you want to go out on your own. Whatever your reasons are, if they’re anything close to these – then you’re in the right place. But I have to ask you, where is this on your list of priorities? The most important thing that I want you glean from your visit here today is that if building your home Internet Business isn’t high on your list, then it’s not going to happen! Here's my "wake-up-call" to all online business entrepreneurs... to make the money that you want online, it has to be a high priority.

A Successful Home Internet Business Takes Commitment.

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