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April 2012

29 Apr Understanding the EPC (Earnings Per Click)

There are many things about online marketing that you don’t need to know. This is not one of those. There are many things that people try to “sell you” that you don’t need to buy. This is *not* one of those (actually this is free). Sometimes there’s stuff that you just need to understand – just like the topic of today’s post. It’s al about EPC (earnings per click)... what you (or your affiliates) will EARN on average each time you (or they) click on a referral link. You can take these principles and apply them to affiliate marketing, CPA, AdSense or product sales. Either way, this is stuff you need to learn if you don’t know it already. Enjoy! Here is what you need to make the "most" amount of money online... 1. An offer with a $1 EPC (Earnings Per Click or visitor value) -- for example, a $47 product that converts at 2% so that "on average" you make $1.00 every time someone lands on your web page 2. A responsive subscriber list with a 2% clickthrough rate -- this means when you send out an email, 2% of all your subscribers click over to your web page. If you have a 1000 person list, expect 20 clicks per day from those subscribers 3. An upsell offer (a 2nd product to buy immediately after they join) set at roughly double the frontend product price with a 33% take rate -- meaning if you make 10 sales at $47, 3 out of those 10 people will buy the additional product at $97
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25 Apr How to Stop Websites from Stealing Your Unique Content

Creating valuable and unique content can be hard. You never know who’s going to like what you publish on your blog or website, and you certainly can’t always be sure that everything you create is a hit. But what can be even more frustrating about creating original content is when that content is stolen from someone who didn’t have the guts or discipline to create any original content themselves. If you find yourself in this situation, then the obvious follow-up question is this: how can you discourage websites from doing this? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of ways you can go about protecting your content. Here’s a quick guide to doing just that.

Prevention: What to Do Before You Notice Anything is Stolen

In the medical world, there’s an old saying that states an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is true in the world of unique content, as well, because if you can discourage people from stealing your unique content before they do it, you’ve already done a lot to keep your content original. The only question is, how can this be done?
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24 Apr Building Links with No Budget

Not everyone has massive budgets or time to invest in link building so this post is for all the people out there that need to find creative ways to get the highest ROI from any time they do invest in link building. I want to show you a process I use to get links without spending all day sending outreach emails or building expensive infographics; I call this passive link building. This won’t suit everyone but it’s designed to help those that have just launched their website or one-man-bands. Not only do you get easy links but you also get tons of great content for your site. The process is built around two key points: 1. It’s better to give than to receive. 2. If you help someone out, they find it much harder to say no when you ask something from them. Passive link building is about positioning you and your blog in a way that gets as many people as possible applying to guest post on your site. You can then be picky and pick the cream of the crop. The image below shows the process.
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20 Apr What is a Copywriter?

What is a Copywriter? Much More Than You Might Think… What is a copywriter? It’s the person who wrote this article. It’s the person who wrote that radio commercial that you hate. It’s the person who wrote that radio commercial that you love. It’s the people who write those little Google ads that you see all over the web (maybe even right next to this!). A considerable percentage of the “news articles” you read in your local paper are actually marketing messages – and yes, they were written by copywriters. The TV commercials that you’ve watched (or that you haven’t watched if you’re as quick with the remote as me) were written by copywriters. The gazillions of billboards that cling to our roadways like ticks to a dog – yep, mostly written by copywriters. All of those magazine ads packed into your favorite glossy – copywriters. The text on the packaging of most every product you buy, whether it’s your favorite brand of chips or your preferred type of toothpaste – copywriters.
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17 Apr The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Black Hat SEO

Let’s get one thing straight, here at I DO NOT condone “Black Hat” business practices. Not for SEO, not for content creation, not for anything – BUT – that doesn’t mean I should leave you in the dark as to what they are and what they entail. This classic infographic could be the most interesting read you have all year; read it, study it... and then stay away from it! Enjoy! If you are about to enter the SEO world you will definitely need a guide to walk you through all the techniques that can be used. And as you may already know the most interesting methods are those categorized as unethical and known as Black Hat. Cheating Google and outsmarting the search engines can be a great challenge and a real adventure. Development, content, links spam, all those are branches from the Black Hat SEO tree (actually they are even the branches of the White Hat SEO tree too). And if you feel that you are a real trickster definitely stop by and look at the following infographic text. Did you know that you can hijack a web page? Of course you can, and this in one of the Black Hat techniques which includes stealing passwords, accounts and many others, considered being “unethical” actions. Want to read more? Take a look at this infographic:
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16 Apr Product Creation Secrets Part 9 (Audio – Final)

A Few Thoughts on Marketing, by Paul Barrs. We're getting down to it, almost at the end of this series. . The final stage before it all kicks off, and the final audio in this series - marketing. We could of course actually spend an entire series on this topic... [Sidebar:] Wait a minute I think I did just recently - have a look at "Your First Month Master Plan" where I outline exactly what it is that you should be doing during your first 30 days in your online business marketing plan. Ok, but putting that aside, maybe you're not new and you don't need to be held by the hand during your first 30 days kick off... In which case this audio will give you hints and tips that you can put into use immediately to get you on your way. Enjoy!
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15 Apr The Top 3 Tips For Post-Panda Success

The idea of search engine optimization, or SEO, may now invoke fear in the novice web builder. With Google's constant Panda algorithm updates and the implementation of Caffeine, it may even invoke fear in seasoned SEO professionals. How can you ensure your website remains in...

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08 Apr The 4 Keys To An Effective Link Building Campaign

Search Engine Optimization! The term itself can send many newbies running for the hills. There is no doubt that the term denotes something that is complicated and technical, but I assure you, SEO is an area that can become addictive because of the dynamic nature and mystery that surrounds it. The main element regarding off-page SEO is backlink building and for some this can become a tedious and frustrating task. But it is an aspect of SEO that cannot be ignored and it is pertinent to ranking a site in the search engines. If you ever decide to acquire SEO skills you will undoubtedly be left filled with confusion because there are various conflicting theories on how off-page SEO should be implemented. To get you started in your SEO journey I will provide 4 factual keys that need to be adhered too when engaging in a backlink campaign.
  • Diversity
If you receive all your links from one source this is a sure sign of an unnatural link pattern, and this approach will raise a red flag to the search engine bots. The most pertinent factor is diversity in building links. Vary your link source to display a more natural linking pattern by including links from different platforms. You can acquire your links by commenting on blogs, submitting articles to directories, guest posting on blogs, posting on web 2.0 properties, creating a fan page on Facebook, submitting articles to private blog networks, bookmarking sites and various other sources.
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04 Apr 6 Tips to Take an Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is truly taking the internet by storm. Millions of users currently use it to keep track of and share their favorite things. This unique site is more than just for fun though – smart businesses can use it to bring in new customers. We've compiled the 6 most important tips to help you reach the most new customers.

1. Keep it Simple

One of the reasons that Pinterest is so popular is because it's a very simple site. All pictures are the same size and everyone uses it in the same way. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to try and make their presence more complicated than necessary. Stick with what works for Pinterest and it will work for your company. Keep your page clean and simple. Each photo you pin should have a single link back to your site. That's all it takes.

2. Connect All the Dots

A successful online marketing plan should include all the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and of course Pinterest. But make sure you aren't using these medias separately. Each of your sites should have links to the others. For example, once a week remind your Facebook fans that you're on Pinterest. Your main webpage should have links to all your other sites so customers can keep up to date. You don't want to overdue the cross-marketing, but you do want to take maximum advantage of each.
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03 Apr How The New Facebook Changes Impact Businesses

There is no doubting the impact that Facebook has had on the concept of social media; it has largely replaced all means of communication, with many people resorting to it for sending messages instead of using email. With the numerous features on offer, Facebook has become a one-stop means of connecting socially, for business and for other types of communication.Of late however, several changes have come about in Facebook. While these have gone down well with social users, they have a very different impact on businesses. Here is a look at some of the changes and their impact.
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