| 2011 May
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May 2011

21 May Web Design Tips 07

By Paul Barrs Welcome to today’s web design quick tip – So… you’ve been building websites for a long time hey? You consider that when it comes to web design that you’re pretty good? Good to hear. Then chances are you haven’t made any of these silly mistakes. I have. I’ve been at this web design thing now for 10 years and at one time or another I’ve made many silly mistakes. Take some notes in today’s audio, and then go check your website to make sure that these web design tips don’t apply to you.
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06 May Web Design Tips 06

By Paul Barrs Welcome to today’s web design quick tip – Continuing in from the previous podcast, there are also some technical aspects that we can look at to make sure that our websites are easy to read and navigate. The whole point is this – we have to learn to stop building our websites to suit ‘us’, and build them to suit ‘them’ – the customer. Grab your pen and paper, you might need them today.
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