| 2011 April
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April 2011

21 Apr Web Design Tips 05

By Paul Barrs Welcome to today’s web design quick tip – So here’s the deal, I’m getting old (lol); I’ve got to wear glasses 24 / 7… OK, not quite, I don’t wear them while I’m sleeping – but at every other time, yes. Without my glasses I can’t read anything, unless it’s right up against my face. For some strange reason, some of the websites I visit seem to go out of their way to make sure that even a 20 year old can’t easily read their content. It’s such a simple mistake that can so easily be corrected; you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before (if it applies to you). Find out in today’s audio.
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06 Apr Web Design Tips 04

Web Design Tips 04 By Paul Barrs Welcome to today’s web design quick tip – In today’s web design podcast you’ll learn one simple thing which is quite well illustrated by this paragraph…. Keep it quick.
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